Yii2 User star941 [ABANDONED] Flexible user registration and authentication module for Yii2
Yii2 Dynamicform star387 It is widget to yii2 framework to clone form elements in a nested manner, maintaining accessibility.
Yii2 Gentelella star258 Free admin template for backend
Yii2 Translate Manager star209 Translation Manager
Ar Softdelete star182 Soft delete behavior for ActiveRecord
Yii2 Enhanced Gii star176 Enhanced Yii2 Gii (generator) that generates related Models & CRUD
Crontab star169 Yii2 extension for crontab support
Yii2 Comments star154 Comments module for Yii2
Balance star153 Balance accounting (bookkeeping) system based on debit and credit principle
Yii2 Workflow star150 A simple workflow engine for Yii2
Yii2 Wx star146 这可能是yii2中最好用的微信SDK???
Yii2 Assets Auto Compress star127 Automatic compilation of js + css + html
Yii2 Rbac star121 RBAC Manager for Yii 2
Yii2fullcalendar star118 JQuery Fullcalendar Yii2 Extension
Yii2 Cart star115 Yii2 shopping cart
File Storage star111 File storage abstraction for Yii2
Yii2 Phone Input star107 Yii2 International telephone numbers
Ar Position star103 ActiveRecord behavior, which provides ability for custom records order setup
Admin star98 Admin pack (actions, widgets, etc) for Yii2
Yii2 Migrik star97 Yii2 Gii-tools for create migration files
Ar Linkmany star83 ActiveRecord behavior for saving many-to-many relations
Yii2 Swoole star83 full solutions making yii2-framework run on swoole with coroutine.
Yii2 Aws S3 star82 An Amazon S3 component for Yii2
Yii2 Schemadump star78 Generate the schema from an existing database.
Csv Grid star76 Yii2 extension for CSV export
Yii2 Maintenance Mode star67 Maintenance mode extension for Yii framework 2.0
Yii2 Datatables star64 Yii2 Widget for DataTables jQuery plug-in
Yii2 Collection star63 Collection extension for Yii 2
Sitemap star59 Site map creation support
Yii2 Jwt star59 JWT implementation for Yii2 Authorization process
Config star54 Yii2 application runtime configuration support
Yii2 Psr Log Target star53 Yii 2.0 log target that is able to write messages to PSR-3 compatible logger
Yii2 Rabbitmq star50 RabbitMQ Extension for Yii2
Yii2 Social Share star48 With this extension you can share data from your web pages to any social network!
Php_frameworks_analysis star48 php框架源码分析
Yii2 Lifecycle Behavior star47 Define the lifecycle of a model by defining allowed status changes.
Yii2 Relation Trait star45 Yii 2 Models add functionality for load with relation, & transactional save with relation PLUS soft delete/restore feature
Yii2 Cms star42 Simple CMS extension
Yii2 Gravatar star36 Gravatar Widget for Yii Framework 2
Yii2 Image Attachment star35 This extension intended to handle images associated with model.
Yii2 Elfinder star21 elFinder file manager for Yii 2
Yii2 Telegram Log star21 Telegram log target for Yii 2
Yii2 Doc Online star21 An online document library used by Yii2 framework.
Yii2 Slack Log star20 Pretty Slack log target for Yii 2
Yii2 Selectize star19 selectize.js wrapper for yii2.
Yii2 Google Maps Markers star16 Google Maps Markers Widget for Yii2
Yii2 Helpers star13 Collection of useful helper functions for Yii Framework 2.0
Yii2 Bx Slider star11 bx-slider.js wrapper for yii2.
Yii2 Json Editor star11 JSON editor widget (josdejong/jsoneditor) for Yii 2.
Yii2 C3 Chart star9 Yii2 wrapper for D3-based reusable chart library