Yii2 star13372 Yii 2: The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework
Yii2_fecshop star4124 ...
Yii2 App Advanced star1430 Yii 2.0 Advanced Application Template
Rageframe2 star1026 一个基于Yii2高级框架的快速开发应用引擎
Dotplant2 star632 E-Commerce CMS - Yii Framework 2 (yii2, shop)
Yupe star599 Yupe! is an open source Yiiframework-based online e-commerce solution. Demo https://demo.yupe.ru/
Hookphp star528 ...
Yii2 App Basic star510 Yii 2.0 Basic Application Template
Cms star469 Feehi CMS based on yii2
Yii Core star448 Yii Framework 3.0 core
Yii2 Shop star438 Example project implementing simple shop using Yii 2.0
Getyii star408 Yii2 community 请访问
Yii2 Redis star406 Yii 2 Redis extension.
Yii2 Httpclient star395 Yii 2 HTTP client
Yii2 Elasticsearch star385 Yii 2 Elasticsearch extension
Cron Manager star379 A PHP cron task manager for MVC-type applications
List star335 A curated list of awesome Yii Framework extensions, tutorials and other nice things
Yii2 Mongodb star290 Yii 2 MongoDB extension
Yii2 Imagine star269 Yii 2 imagine extension
Yii2 Docker star262 Official Docker images suitable for Yii 2.0
Yii2 File Upload Widget star247 BlueImp File Upload Widget for Yii2
Yiiframework.com star247 Source code for official Yii website
Manaphp star241 ManaPHP Framework: Swoole+FPM
Yii2 Apidoc star231 Yii 2 apidoc extension.
Iisns star218 sns 开放社区
Yii2 Framework star215 [READ ONLY] Yii 2 framework core code only. This is a subtree split off the "yii2" repository
Yii2 Easy Wechat star189 WeChat SDK for yii2 , based on overtrue/wechat.
Yii2 Bootstrap4 star183 Yii 2 Bootstrap 4 Extension
Yii2 Minify View star182 Yii2 View component with minification css & js
Ar Softdelete star182 Soft delete behavior for ActiveRecord
Yii2 Debug star177 Debug Extension for Yii 2
Opensourcewebsite Org star177 OpenSourceWebsite (OSW) - online community managed by users using electronic voting and modifying source code
Yii2 Gii star176 Yii 2 Gii Extension
Yii2 Bootstrap star176 Yii 2 Bootstrap 3 Extension
Rageframe star171 基于yii2的应用开发引擎
Crontab star169 Yii2 extension for crontab support
Yii2 Sphinx star162 Yii 2 Sphinx extension.
Yii2 Ckeditor Widget star162 CKEditor WYSIWYG widget for Yii2.
Balance star153 Balance accounting (bookkeeping) system based on debit and credit principle
Yii2 Cms star148 YiiCMS - 基于 Yii2 的高度可定制化开源 CMS
Identity Card star144 A simple proof of identity card of the people's Republic of China.
Yii2 Debug star142 Debug panel for Yii 1.1 (ported from Yii 2)
Yii2 Plus star134 Yii2 Plus 集成了用户管理模块和权限管理模块,前端页面采用H+ UI框架,集成Yii2 admin。
Yii2 Swagger star128 yii2 with swagger-php
Yii2 Twig star127 Yii 2 Twig extension.
Yii2 Assets Auto Compress star127 Automatic compilation of js + css + html
Cms star125 SkeekS CMS (Yii2)
Yii2 Shell star125 Interactive shell
Yii2 Jui star121 Yii 2 JQuery UI extension.
Yii2 2.0.3 Annotated star113 带有详细注释的 yii2 2.0.3 代码。喜欢的话请点star,欢迎大家一起来补充
File Storage star111 File storage abstraction for Yii2
Yii2 Swiftmailer star105 Yii 2 swiftmailer extension.
Yii2 Google Maps Library star104 Google Maps API library for Yii2
Ar Position star103 ActiveRecord behavior, which provides ability for custom records order setup
Yiifeed star102 Pre-moderated news aggregator
Vue Zhidian star102 YII2+VUE2开发的SCRM后台项目
Admin star98 Admin pack (actions, widgets, etc) for Yii2
Yeeki star96 Yii 1.1-based wiki
Yii2 Chartjs Widget star93 ChartJs Widget For Yii2
Yii2 Practice Book star89 Yii 2.0 最佳实践
Yii2 Openapi star86 REST API application generator for Yii2, openapi 3.0 YAML -> Yii2
Yiiframework_ru_cookbook star85 Russian Yii 1.1 cookbook
Ar Linkmany star83 ActiveRecord behavior for saving many-to-many relations
Yii Application Cookbook 2nd Edition Code star82 Code of the second edition of Yii Application Development Cookbook
Yii2 Aws S3 star82 An Amazon S3 component for Yii2
Yii2 Schemadump star78 Generate the schema from an existing database.
Csv Grid star76 Yii2 extension for CSV export
Yii2 Basic Htaccess star71 File htaccess for yii2 basic
Yii2 Smarty star66 Yii 2 Smarty Extension.
Ppma star62 [INACTIVE] PHP Password Manager
Sitemap star59 Site map creation support
Lang Sc star56 一本字典
Config star54 Yii2 application runtime configuration support
A Guide To Yii Grids Lists And Data Providers star26 A guide to Yii framework grids, lists and data providers
Phpnetmap star12 Web application for ethernet network mapping. PHP Software for network device monitoring with SNMP v(1/2c/3) protocol.
App Basic star10 Base app on SkeekS CMS (Yii2)
Yii2 Template Unify star6 WB0412697