Playframework star11604 Play Framework
Neteasecloudwebapp star2326 This is a vue for NeteaseCloud projects!
Pull To Reload star400 Pull to reload implementation for the web. Designed to work with both mobile and websites.
Proctor star339 Proctor is a Java-based A/B testing framework developed by, and used heavily within, Indeed.
Link star287 A PHP router that helps you create webapps and APIs effortlessly
Webrpc star278 webrpc is a schema-driven approach to writing backend services for modern Web apps and systems
Chl star252 C Hypertext Library - A library for writing web applications in C
Webapps star110 Android app to provide sandboxed (private) browsing of webapps
Bvcms star76 The open source church management system
Sqlinator star67 Automatically forward HTTP GET & POST requests to SQLMap's API to test for SQLi and XSS
Core star63 Glue42 Core is a web application integration platform