Ribs star5554 Uber's cross-platform mobile architecture framework.
The Book Of Viper star797 the one and the only
Ios Architecture star740 A collection of iOS architectures - MVC, MVVM, MVVM+RxSwift, VIPER, RIBs and many others
Ios Viper Architecture star529 This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements VIPER architecture in iOS using libraries and frameworks like Alamofire, ...
Swift Viper Module star502 Xcode template for VIPER Architecture written in Swift 4
Viperit star371 Viper Framework for iOS using Swift
Articles Ios Viper star241 Demo app for VIPER design pattern implementation
Zikviper star222 iOS VIPER implementation, demonstrating discovering modules and injecting dependencies with protocol. Provide VIPER code Templates.
Xflegoviper star216 ? A seamless framework for build app from MVC, MVVM, VIPER (etc.) design pattern in iOS world. (OC & Swift)
Videoplayback Ios star203 Swift AVPlayer wrapper using the VIPER architecture. Currently a work in progress
Marshroute star201 Marshroute is an iOS Library for making your Routers simple but extremely powerful
Flawless Ios star193 Awesome iOS guides from the community, shared on Flawless iOS Medium blog ?
Currency Converter Swift3.0 Viper star191 Calculates money quick and easy way to see live foreign exchange rates (Based on swift 4.2, viper architecture and special thanks to ht ...
Koanf star188 Light weight extensible library for reading config (file, S3 etc.) in Go applications. Built in support for JSON, TOML, YAML, env, comm ...
Zhuishushenqi star171 追书神器Swift版客户端(非官方)。 不断更新中......
Prusti Dev star168 A static verifier for Rust, based on the Viper verification infrastructure.
Ethereum Wallet star123 Native Ethereum Wallet - iOS
Phalgo star111 phalgo 已经更换为 phalgo不在维护
Rxviper star110 Android micro framework for developing apps based on clean VIPER architecture.
Ios Design Patterns star107 Learning ground for iOS Design Pattern included with sample projects for MVC, MVP, MVVM, and VIPER
Swiftyviper star105 Swift Interaction with VIPER Architecture
Agollo star93 携程Apollo Golang版客户端
Bdjprojectexample star89 一个基于XFLegoVIPER框架编写的完整项目
Ios Architectures star86 Sample app for iOS architectures
Secret Video star86 ?优酷、爱奇艺会员资源解析
Swift Design Patterns star79 ? The ultimate collection of various Software Design Patterns implemented in Swift.
Ugin star76 UGin is an API boilerplate written in Go (Golang) with Gin Framework.
Viperc star74 Xcode template for VIPER Architecture for both Objective-C and Swift.
Rgviperchat star64 An iOS chat app written following a VIPER architecture and BDD
Vipera star54 Project is now called Swift template, check the link ➡️
Go Todo star37 微信小程序 todo后端,采用GoFrame框架搭建,包含微信认证、token管理、发送微信模板消息等
Rx.observe star34 Transform any method to an Rx Observable ! (VIPER)
Viper Templates star29 Swift Xcode templates for creating VIPER architecture stacks
Viper star22 [WIP] A Pythonesque language with a design that focuses on efficiency and expressiveness. Compiles to WebAssembly
Modelassistant star21 Elegant library to manage the interactions between view and model in Swift