Vert.x star11063 Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactive applications on the JVM
Atmosphere star3429 Realtime Client Server Framework for the JVM, supporting WebSockets with Cross-Browser Fallbacks
Vertx Examples star2773 Vert.x examples
Pac4j star1805 Security engine for Java (authentication, authorization, multi frameworks): OAuth, CAS, SAML, OpenID Connect, LDAP, JWT...
Gravitee Gateway star992 - API Management - OpenSource API Gateway
Gushici star871 ...
Vertx Web star753 HTTP web applications for Vert.x
Vertx Blueprint Microservice star612 Vert.x Blueprint Project - Micro-Shop microservice application
Vertx Sql Client star583 High performance reactive SQL Client written in Java
Sirix star538 SirixDB facilitates effective and efficient storing and querying of your temporal data. Every commit stores a space-efficient snapshot. ...
Es4x star452 ? fast JavaScript 4 Eclipse Vert.x
Vertx Guide For Java Devs star443 Vert.x guide for Java developers
Jetlinks star332 JetLinks Core
Vertx Zero star320 Zero Framework:
Hsweb Iot Cloud star257 本项目已迁移至
Vertx Jooq star247 A jOOQ-CodeGenerator to create vertxified DAOs and POJOs. Now with JDBC, async and reactive support!
Vertx Lang Kotlin star191 Vert.x for Kotlin
Sqlfiddle3 star189 New version based on vert.x and docker
Jax Rs Performance Comparison star174 ⚡️ Performance Comparison of Jax-RS implementations and embedded containers
Vertx Blueprint Todo Backend star156 Vert.x Blueprint Project - A reactive todo-backend implementation using Vert.x and various persistence
Cloudunit star143 The Turnkey DevOps Platform
Vertx Maven Starter star132 Maven project template for Vert.x
Vertx Rx star127 Reactive Extensions for Vert.x
Vertx Feeds star123 Feed aggregator using Vert.x 3 (showcase)
Cloudopt Next star122 A next-generation Java web lightweight framework based on vertx and kotlin.
Nubes star119 Annotation layer on top of Vert.x 3
Vertx Kue star117 Vert.x Blueprint Project - Vert.x Kue, a priority task queue powered by Vert.x
Knotx star117 Knot.x is a highly-efficient and scalable integration framework designed to build backend APIs
Vertx Auth star106
Vertxui star106 Pure 100% java reactive-style client-side webpages with POJO traffic, jUnit GUI testing, declarative view-on-model, automatic browser r ...
Nassh Relay star105 Relay Server for the Secure Shell Chromium plugin
Advanced Vertx Guide star103 A gentle guide for advanced Vert.x users
Excelastic star94 Vert.x web and commandline application to import CSV/XLS/XLSX files into ElasticSearch.
Vertx Mqtt star93 Vert.x MQTT
Vertx Gradle Starter star88 Gradle project template for Vert.x
Angular Vertxbus star78 AngularJS 1.x service wrapper for the Vert.x Event Bus
Vertx In Action star69 Examples for the Manning "Vert.x in Action" book
Summer star54 Vertx router with JAX-RS
Kyoko star52 Moved to GitLab:
Vertx Lang Clojure star48 Vert.x Clojure support
Sample Vertx Microservices star31 Two applications in different branches illustrates how to create asynchronous microservices with Vert.x, Consul and MongoDB, and how to ...
Aws Sdk star30 Using vertx-client for AWS SDK v2
Vertx Eventbus Java star20 A Vert.x EventBus client written in Java, works on Android
Vertx React Example star11 Simple test of using Vert.x and React for server-side rendering