Sonataadminbundle star1940 AdminBundle - The missing Symfony Admin Generator
Tania star527 A PHP based, free, and open source farming management system.
Wellcommerce star499 Open-source E-Commerce software
Symfony Certification Preparation List star391 List of topic-specific resources to help you prepare for Symfony certification
Stacker star351 Stacker - The environment for local web development, ready for use.
Elasticsearchbundle star279 Symfony bundle for Elasticsearch with steroids
Doctrineauditbundle star187 Doctrine audits logs made easy.
Vmoex Framework star171 一个开源的二次元向的社区程序。
Symfony Ddd Wishlist star153 Wishlist, a sample application on Symfony 3 and Vue.js built with DDD in mind
Symfony 3 Certification Guide star144 Collections of links based on the topics included in the Symfony 3.0 certification exam
Symfony Jsonapi star112 JSON API Transformer Bundle for Symfony 2 and Symfony 3
Dtcqueuebundle star107 Symfony2/3/4/5 Queue Bundle (for background jobs) supporting Mongo (Doctrine ODM), Mysql (and any Doctrine ORM), RabbitMQ, Beanstalkd, ...
Cshome star45