Console star8090 The Console component eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces.
Http Foundation star7375 The HttpFoundation component defines an object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification.
Event Dispatcher star7231 The EventDispatcher component provides tools that allow your application components to communicate with each other by dispatching event ...
Finder star7143 The Finder component finds files and directories via an intuitive fluent interface.
Debug star7076 The Debug component provides tools to ease debugging PHP code.
Http Kernel star6911 The HttpKernel component provides a structured process for converting a Request into a Response.
Polyfill Mbstring star6780 This component provides a partial, native PHP implementation for the Mbstring extension.
Routing star6544 The Routing component maps an HTTP request to a set of configuration variables.
Process star6498 The Process component executes commands in sub-processes.
Css Selector star6336 The CssSelector component converts CSS selectors to XPath expressions.
Var Dumper star6295 The VarDumper component provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable. It provides a better dump() function that y ...
Translation star5797 The Translation component provides tools to internationalize your application.
Filesystem star3505 The Filesystem component provides basic utilities for the filesystem.
Polyfill Ctype star3471 This component provides a partial, native PHP implementation for the Ctype extension.
Polyfill Php70 star3131 This component provides features unavailable in releases prior to PHP 7.0.
Dependency Injection star3004 The DependencyInjection component allows you to standardize and centralize the way objects are constructed in your application.
Config star3001 The Config component helps you find, load, combine, autofill and validate configuration values of any kind, whatever their source may b ...
Yaml star2970 The Yaml component loads and dumps YAML files.
Dom Crawler star2960 The DomCrawler component eases DOM navigation for HTML and XML documents.
Cache star2935 The Cache component provides an extended PSR-6 implementation for adding cache to your applications.
Dotenv star2648 Symfony Dotenv parses .env files to make environment variables stored in them accessible via getenv(), $_ENV, or $_SERVER.
Options Resolver star2315 The OptionsResolver component is array_replace() on steroids. It allows you to create an options system with required options, defaults ...
Asset star2240 The Asset component manages URL generation and versioning of web assets such as CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files and image files.
Inflector star2134 Inflector converts words between their singular and plural forms (English only).
Browser Kit star2074 The BrowserKit component simulates the behavior of a web browser, allowing you to make requests, click on links and submit forms progra ...
Stopwatch star2020 The Stopwatch component provides a way to profile code.
Property Access star1986 The PropertyAccess component provides function to read and write from/to an object or array using a simple string notation.
Form star1984 The Form component allows you to easily create, process and reuse HTML forms.
Expression Language star1970 The ExpressionLanguage component provides an engine that can compile and evaluate expressions.
Polyfill Intl Icu star1928 This component provides a collection of functions/classes using the symfony/intl package when the Intl extension is not installed.
Validator star1926 The Validator component provides tools to validate values following the JSR-303 Bean Validation specification.
Intl star1896 A PHP replacement layer for the C intl extension that also provides access to the localization data of the ICU library.
Serializer star1686 With the Serializer component it's possible to handle serializing data structures, including object graphs, into array structures or ot ...
Mime star1583 The MIME component allows manipulating MIME types.
Polyfill Php73 star1496 This component provides functions unavailable in releases prior to PHP 7.3.
Polyfill Iconv star1351 This component provides a native PHP implementation of the functions.
Property Info star1350 PropertyInfo extracts information about PHP class' properties using metadata of popular sources.
Polyfill Php56 star1340 This component provides functions unavailable in releases prior to PHP 5.6.
Polyfill Util star1329 This component provides binary-safe string functions, using the mbstring extension when available.
Var Exporter star1258 The VarExporter component allows exporting any serializable PHP data structure to plain PHP code. While doing so, it preserves all the ...
Security star1180 The Security component provides a complete security system for your web application.
Class Loader star1132 [DEPRECATED] The ClassLoader component provides tools to autoload your classes and cache their locations for performance.
Security Core star1053 Security provides an infrastructure for sophisticated authorization systems, which makes it possible to easily separate the actual auth ...
Security Csrf star1024 The Security CSRF (cross-site request forgery) component provides a class CsrfTokenManager for generating and validating CSRF tokens.
Security Guard star968 The Guard component brings many layers of authentication together, making it much easier to create complex authentication systems where ...
Security Http star952 Security provides an infrastructure for sophisticated authorization systems, which makes it possible to easily separate the actual auth ...
Web Link star942 The WebLink component manages links between resources. It is particularly useful to advise clients to preload and prefetch documents th ...
Error Handler star939 The ErrorHandler component provides tools to manage errors and ease debugging PHP code.
Templating star934 The Templating component provides all the tools needed to build any kind of template system.
Http Client star874 The HttpClient component provides powerful methods to fetch HTTP resources synchronously or asynchronously.
Polyfill Apcu star611 This component provides apcu_* functions and the APCUIterator class to users of the legacy APC extension.
Messenger star508 The Messenger component helps application send and receive messages to/from other applications or via message queues.
Polyfill star450 PHP polyfills
Workflow star380 The Workflow component provides tools for managing a workflow or finite state machine.
Mailer star369 The Mailer component helps sending emails
Security Acl star307 Symfony Security ACL Component
String star278 Provides an object-oriented API to strings and deals with bytes, UTF-8 code points and grapheme clusters in a unified way.
Lock star240 Creates and manages locks, a mechanism to provide exclusive access to a shared resource.
Polyfill Intl Grapheme star211 This component provides a partial, native PHP implementation of the Grapheme functions from the Intl extension.
Polyfill Intl Normalizer star208 This component provides a fallback implementation for the Normalizer class provided by the Intl extension.
Notifier star177 Sends notifications via one or more channels (email, SMS, ...).
Polyfill Php55 star103 This component provides functions unavailable in releases prior to PHP 5.5.
Polyfill Php54 star92 This component provides functions unavailable in releases prior to PHP 5.4.
Polyfill Xml star11 This polyfill is deprecated. Use the symfony/polyfill-php72 package instead.