Awesome Ios star34934 A curated list of awesome iOS ecosystem, including Objective-C and Swift Projects
Awesome Swift star19203 A collaborative list of awesome Swift libraries and resources. Feel free to contribute!
Perfect star13725 Server-side Swift. The Perfect core toolset and framework for Swift Developers. (For mobile back-end development, website and API devel ...
Timliu Ios star10138 iOS开发常用三方库、插件、知名博客等等
Awesome Swift star5043 A curated list of awesome Swift frameworks, libraries and software.
Swiftybeaver star4774 Convenient & secure logging during development & release in Swift 3, 4 & 5
Xcglogger star3490 A debug log framework for use in Swift projects. Allows you to log details to the console (and optionally a file), just like you would ...
Pinlayout star1461 Fast Swift Views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable ...
Fakery star1324 ? Swift fake data generator
Defaultskit star1289 Simple, Strongly Typed UserDefaults for iOS, macOS and tvOS
Swift star1164 ...
Flexlayout star1128 FlexLayout adds a nice Swift interface to the highly optimized facebook/yoga flexbox implementation. Concise, intuitive & chainable syn ...
Loadingshimmer star1084 An easy way to add a shimmering effect to any view with just one line of code. It is useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator.
Nantes star761 Swift TTTAttributedLabel replacement
Parade star735 Parallax Scroll-Jacking Effects Engine for iOS / tvOS
Koyomi star697 Simple customizable calendar component in Swift ?
Bluecap star632 iOS Bluetooth LE framework
Flightanimator star584 Advanced Natural Motion Animations, Simple Blocks Based Syntax
Postal star574 A Swift framework for working with emails
Swiftinstagram star560 Instagram API client written in Swift
Assistantkit star555 Easy way to detect iOS device properties, OS versions and work with screen sizes. Powered by Swift.
Badgehub star508 A way to quickly add a notification badge icon to any view. Make any UIView a full fledged animated notification center.
Pulltodismiss star430 You can dismiss modal viewcontroller like Facebook Messenger by pulling scrollview or navigationbar in Swift.
Owl star403 A declarative type-safe framework for building fast and flexible lists with UITableViews & UICollectionViews
Livecollections star335 Automatically perform UITableView and UICollectionView animations between two sets of immutable data. It supports generic data types an ...
Steampress star312 A Blogging Engine and Platform written in Swift for use with the Vapor Framework
Kdintroview star295
Automate star220 Swift framework containing a set of helpful XCTest extensions for writing UI automation tests
Aquaman star179 A pure-Swift library for nested display of horizontal and vertical scrolling views
Letteravatarkit star167 ? An extension that generates letter-based avatars/placeholders
Notautolayout star164 Layout your views without Auto Layout constraints, in a much more swifty way.
Commander star163 ?The framework to write type-safe and structured command line program easily in Swift.
Mcpicker Ios star158 McPicker is a customizable, closure driven UIPickerView drop-in solution with animations that is rotation ready.
Shift star158 Animate gradient changes with time or motion for iOS Swift
L10n Swift star142 Localization of the application with ability to change language "on the fly" and support for plural form in any language.
Quiz App star140 A repository reflecting the progress made on the "How to Build iOS Apps with Swift, TDD & Clean Architecture" YouTube series, by Caio & ...
Swiftywebrtc star129 Swift Framework for WebRTC
Mastodonkit star128 MastodonKit is a Swift Framework that wraps Mastodon's API
Amcoreaudio star123 A Swift framework that aims to make Core Audio use less tedious in macOS
Bookstore Ios star119  Sample iOS App - A collection of examples and patterns for Unit Testing, UI Testing, handling Result/Optionals, writing documentat ...
Netclient Ios star114 Versatile HTTP Networking in Swift
Swiftsh star113 A Swift SSH framework that wraps libssh2.
Optivideoeditor For Ios star112 Native Video editor : Video trim, Audio, Video merge, Slow and fast motion, Video transition, Text and image, Filters, etc...
Contentful.swift star99 A delightful Swift interface to Contentful's content delivery API.
Vaporsecurityheaders star99 Harden Your Security Headers For Vapor
Emojica star87 A Swift framework for using custom emoji in strings.
Literoute star86 LiteRoute is easy transition for your app. Written on Swift 4
Webmidikit star84 Simplest MIDI Swift library
Keyboardhidemanager star55 Codeless manager to hide keyboard by tapping on views for iOS written in Swift
Javascriptcoredemo star40 A Demo of JavaScriptCore in Swift
Taniwhatextfield star26 My first cocoapod framework
Viewcomposer star25 Compose views using enums swiftly: `let label: UILabel = [.text("Hello"), .textColor(.red)]`