Typescript Starter star2130 Quickly create and configure a new library or Node.js project
Laravel Hackathon Starter star1511 ? A hackathon/MVP boilerplate for laravel web applications. Start your hackathons without hassle.
Gatsby Starter Netlify Cms star1496 Example gatsby + netlify cms project
Bento Starter star1395 ? Full-Stack solution to quickly build PWA applications with Vue.js and Firebase
React Webpack Babel star1211 Simple React Webpack Babel Starter Kit
Vue Demo star1187 Vue.js 示例项目 · 简易留言板。本项目拥有完善的文档说明与注释,让您快速上手 Vue.js 开发 SPA。Webpack ...
Express Rest Es2017 Boilerplate star1187 ⌛️ Express boilerplate for building RESTful APIs
Golang Gin Realworld Example App star1169 Exemplary real world application built with Golang + Gin
React Redux Starter Kit star1020 My best-practices-included universal frontend starter kit
Moderncppstarter star990 Kick-start your C++! A template for modern C++ projects using CMake, CI, code coverage, clang-format, reproducible dependency managemen ...
React Cool Starter star970 ?? A starter boilerplate for a universal web app with the best development experience and a focus on performance and best practices.
Suicrux star962 ? Ultimate universal starter with lazy-loading, SSR and i18n. [not maintained]
Tris Webpack Boilerplate star948 A Webpack boilerplate for static websites that has all the necessary modern tools and optimizations built-in. Score a perfect 10/10 on ...
Angular Webpack Starter star913 A complete Angular 6 and Webpack 4 starter seed with minimal and full featured branches. Full featured branch includes: Material Design ...
Starter star737 Opinionated quick-start with pre-built user account system for full-stack application development in React, Node.js, GraphQL and Postgr ...
Web Extension Starter star680 ??Web Extension starter to build "Write Once Run on Any Browser" extension
Webpack Simple Starter star662 A simple webpack starter without framework (Like Vue, React, Angular, etc.)
Typescript Starter star650 Nest framework TypeScript starter ☕️
Universal star640 Seed project for Angular Universal apps featuring Server-Side Rendering (SSR), Webpack, CLI scaffolding, dev/prod modes, AoT compilatio ...
Laravel Boilerplate star622 Laravel Boilerplate / Starter Kit with Gentelella Admin Theme
React Native Dva Starter star613 a React Native starter powered by dva and react-navigation
Lass star591 ? Lass scaffolds a modern package boilerplate for Node.js
Vue Typescript Dpapp Demo star580 ? Let's start with TypeScript
Next Boilerplate star570 A well-structured production ready Next.js boilerplate with Typescript, Redux, Jest, Enzyme, Express.js, Sass, Css, EnvConfig, Fetch, R ...
Angular Starter star543 ⭐️ Gulp Angular Starter using TypeScript (Updated to 4.4.3)
Nth Start Project star532 Startkit for HTML / CSS / JS pages layout.
Hartija Css Print Framework star495 Universal CSS for web printing
Webpack Starter Basic star473 A simple webpack starter project for your basic modern web development needs.
Edge star426 A Clojure application foundation from JUXT
Chrome Extension Typescript Starter star423 Chrome Extension TypeScript Starter
Starter Laravel Angular star376 Laravel and AngularJS Starter Application Boilerplate featuring Laravel 5.3 and AngularJS 1.5.8
Gatsby Starter Tailwind star349 Gatsby starter styled with Tailwind CSS
Typescript Webpack Starter star329 ⚡ create-ts-lib: A Starter Kit and a CLI to create your TypeScript / ES6 module bundled by Webpack without thinking about build or un ...
Pug Starter star311 Simple pug (jade) starter [framework] enabling faster delivery of HTML & CSS projects to a private server and/or automatic deployment o ...
Asp Net Core Vue Starter star311 ASP.NET Core + Vue.js starter project
Nextjs Firebase Authentication star308 Next.js + Firebase Starter
Spring Cloud Demo star300 This repo is a spring-cloud-demo, can be used for a server backend
Kotlin Android Mvp Starter star270 Create/Generate your kotlin MVP projects easily
Arkit star266 ARKit Base Project. Place virtual objects based on WWDC example project
React Native Navigation Redux Starter Kit star256 React Native Navigation(v2) Starter Kit with Redux, Saga, ESLint, Babel, Jest and Facebook SDK ?
Flutter Redux Starter star251 Starter project and code generator for Flutter/Redux
Kotlin Android Mvvm Starter star248 Android Kotlin Starter is a starter project which implements MVVM Pattern.
React Redux Typescript Jspm Starter star242 Futuristic, bundle-free, development environment for building Component-Driven SPA with React, Redux and TypeScript - powered by JSPM ( ...
Gatsby Starter Bee star238 ?Full Package | Simple | Fresh UI | Blog Template :: Let's start to blogging with gatsby-starter-bee!
Gulp Scss Starter star237 Frontend development with pleasure. SCSS version
Rocketmq Spring Boot Starter star223 Spring Boot starter for RocketMQ
Frontend Boilerplate star216 An ES201X starter with common frontend tasks using Webpack 4 as module bundler and npm scripts as task runner.
Wp Js Plugin Starter star214 Just another WordPress plugin starter
Vue Element Starter star212 Vue starter with Element-UI [READY, unmaintained now]
Ngx Leaflet Starter star208 A soup of Angular and Leaflet
Create React App Material Typescript Redux star202 A ready to use boilerplate for starting big react projects
Anchors star199 ...
Vue Electron Template star196 An Electron & Vue.js template with Hot-reloading enabled and common Vue plugins, dev, debug and build scripts configured.
Angular Library Seed star195 ? Seed project for Angular libraries that are AOT/JIT compatible and that use external SCSS-styles and HTML-templates
Go Graphql Starter star192 This repository uses graph-gophers/graphql-go to build a starter web application
Zero To Preact star187 A Step-by-step Guide to Preact + Webpack 2, without boilerplate!
Gulp Pug Starter star179 Frontend development with pleasure. Pug + SCSS version
Three Seed star163 A Three.js starter project with ES6 and Webpack
Cordova Create React App star159 A tutorial on how to set up a Cordova project using Create React App.
Docker Compose Starter star154 Run your development environment with a simple command using docker-compose ?
Redux React Navigation Demos star152 React-Native + Redux + Redux-Persist + React Navigation ( Authentication Flow with Redux demos)
React Ssr Boilerplate star149 Boilerplate for React apps with routing, code splitting, & server side rendering
Micro Starter star143 [Deprecated] ? Basic (opinionated) starter kit for a micro app with webpack build
Vertx Maven Starter star132 Maven project template for Vert.x
Generator Create Redux App star132 Add redux, emotion-js and other useful libraries like react-router in top of create-react-app
Ionic Typescript Starter star125 ? Platform and IDE agnostic starter project for building mobile apps with Ionic and TypeScript.
Angular_bootstrap_spring star125 AngularJS, Restful, Spring, Spring Security, Hibernate,Bootstrap, Gulp in ES6, Maven
Vue2 Scaffold star125 The best scaffold for Vue 2.x based on vue-cli#vuejs-templates/webpack
Dva Antd Mobile Starter star116 Get started with Dva.js and Ant Design mobile.
Automatic Gatsbyjs App Landing Page star115 Automatic GatsbyJS App Landing Page - Automatically generate iOS app landing page using GatsbyJS
Nestjs Email Authentication star114 Nestjs Starter using Mongodb and Passportjs
React Redux Starter star112 A basic template that consists of the essential elements that are required to start building a Single Page Application using React, Rea ...
Es6 Webpack2 Starter star106 ? A template project for es6/7, webpack2/3, sass and postcss
Flask Full star105 starter/boilerplate flask application with celery, mongoengine, signals, shell commands, swagger api docs and sphinx docs integration
Create Lit App star105 Create LitHTML apps with no build configuration. (LitHTML/Redux/Webpack/Express)
Node Express Mongoose Boilerplate star105 A boilerplate for building production-ready RESTful APIs using Node.js, Express, and Mongoose
Twisk star104 Golang RPC starter kit with Twirp
Gridsome Forestry Starter star103 Gridsome starter kit with Forestry (CMS)
Angular9 App star102 Angular 9 Example App, Angular CLI, Bootstrap, PWA, SSR, Angular Universal,Routing, Lazy loading, REST API, Components, Services, React ...
Gatsby Absurd star102 An absurd Gatsby starter
Typescript React Native Starter star101 A highly scalable foundation with a focus on best pratices and simplicity to start your React Native project in seconds.
Modern Wasm Starter star99 Run C++ code on web and create blazingly fast websites! A starter template to easily create WebAssembly packages using type-safe C++ bi ...
Formidable React Starter star98 React starter application
Angular Webpack Starter star92 ? Angular Webpack Starter with AoT compilation, Lazy-loading, Tree-shaking, and Hot Module Reload (Updated to 4.1.0!)
Vertx Gradle Starter star88 Gradle project template for Vert.x
Bootstrap 4 Sass Gulp 4 Boilerplate star86 A Bootstrap 4.3.1 boilerplate with font-awesome, sass, gulp 4 tasks
Gatsby Styled Blog Starter star85 My first GatsbyJS starter.
Gatsby Starter Procyon star85 An opinionated Gatsby starter designed for trash-eating pandas.
React Hooks Mobx State Tree star76 React Hooks + MobX State Tree + TypeScript = ?
Node Typescript Mongodb star73 node js typescript mongodb express generator yo
Ionic Typescript Mdha Starter star71 ? This is an boilerplate starter project I use to bootstrap mobile applications. It is built with Ionic, AngularJS, TypeScript, and run ...
Gatsby Starter Ts star71 ? A TypeScript starter for Gatsby. No plugins and styling. Exactly the necessary to start
Web Extension Starter star70 Typescript, React, Redux, Styled-Component and Webpack based sample extension boilerplate. Runs on Chrome and Firefox. Sample chrome ex ...
Next Advanced Starter star69 Minimalistic and advanced Next.js pre-configured starter with focus on DX
Laravel Restful Api Starter star68 Build a RESTful API with Laravel and MongoDB
Slim3 star68 Slim Framework 3 Skeleton Application
Go Postgres Jwt React Starter star68 A go, gin, and postgres API with jwt auth, complete with a react frontend
Netlify Cms React Starter star65 A starter project for creating lightning-fast, offline-first websites with Netlify-CMS and React
Koa React Notes Web star61 ? A simple SPA built using Koa (2.5.1) as the backend and React (16.4.1) as the frontend. Features MySQL integration, user authenticati ...