Spring Framework star37245 Spring Framework
Cas star7595 Apereo CAS - Enterprise Single Sign On for all earthlings and beyond.
Spring Security star4813 Spring Security
Cerberus star487 A demonstration of a completely stateless and RESTful token-based authorization system using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and Spring Security.
Spring Lemon star439 Helper library for Spring Boot web applications
Tut Spring Boot Kotlin star306 Building web applications with Spring Boot and Kotlin :: Learn how to easily build and test web applications with Spring, Kotlin, Junit ...
Yan star291 使用Maven构建,整合Dubbo+Zookeeper+SpringMVC+Spring+MyBatis+Redis支持分布式的高效率便捷开发框架
Org.openwms star188 Open Warehouse Management System
My Spring Learning star161 My Spring framework learning
Embedded Database Spring Test star142 A library for creating isolated embedded databases for Spring-powered integration tests.
Spring Backend Boilerplate star128 The modularized backend boilerplate based on Spring Boot Framework, easy to get started and add your business part.
Springbootwebapplicationstepbystep star120 Develop your first web application with Spring Boot Magic
Pf4j Spring star114 Plugin Framework for Spring (PF4J - Spring Framework integration)
Learning Spring star111 Spring框架讲解
Spring Context Support star92 An internal support project for spring-context in Alibaba
Spring Framework 4.2.0 star88 spring源码学习附注释(Version 4.2.0),the second debug.
Springboot Registration Login Theperfectexample star70 Login & Signup tutorial for every website ,mixes a lot of microservices together with the latest spring framework api in combined with ...
Spring Mvc Tutorial star60 Spring MVC 5 Tutorial - Guide to spring mvc framework
Spring Velocity Support star20 An support project of legacy velocity based on Spring Framework