Grpc Spring Boot Starter star1443 Spring Boot starter module for gRPC framework.
Grpc Spring Boot Starter star1413 Spring Boot starter module for gRPC framework.
Jasypt Spring Boot star1317 Jasypt integration for Spring boot
Netty Websocket Spring Boot Starter star630 ? lightweight high-performance WebSocket framework ( 轻量级、高性能的WebSocket框架)
Logbook star562 An extensible Java library for HTTP request and response logging
Azure Spring Boot star335 Spring Boot Starters for Azure services
Druid Spring Boot star291 Spring Boot Starter for Druid.
Velocity Spring Boot Project star275 A Spring Boot Starter for velocity including Spring's official and Alibaba's implementation , e.g, Layout , Tools supports.
Saluki star268 Spring Boot starter module for gRPC framework.
Tutorial Soap Spring Boot Cxf star156 Tutorial how to create, test, deploy, monitor SOAP-Webservices using Spring Boot and Apache CXF
Cas Client Autoconfig Support star144 Annotation-based configuration support for Apereo CAS Java clients
Graphql Spqr Spring Boot Starter star143 Spring Boot 2 starter powered by GraphQL SPQR
Opentracing Toolbox star138 Best-of-breed OpenTracing utilities, instrumentations and extensions
Rocketmq Spring Boot Starter star136 rocketmq-spring-boot-starter
Riptide star133 Client-side response routing for Spring
Spring Backend Boilerplate star128 The modularized backend boilerplate based on Spring Boot Framework, easy to get started and add your business part.
Logback Access Spring Boot Starter star103 Spring Boot Starter for Logback-access
Wicket Spring Boot star102 Spring Boot starter for Apache Wicket
Handlebars Spring Boot Starter star95 Spring Boot auto-configuration for Handlebars
Bucket4j Spring Boot Starter star90 Spring Boot Starter for Bucket4j
Justauth Spring Boot Starter star80 Spring Boot 集成 JustAuth 的最佳实践~
Disruptor Spring Boot Starter star71 starter for disruptor
Spring Thrift Api Gateway star37 Gateway for Apache Thrift requests processing that is built on Spring Cloud stack
Spring Higher Order Components star35 ⚡️ Preconfigured components to speedup Spring Boot development
Ssh Shell Spring Boot star27 Spring shell in spring boot application over ssh
Versioning Spring Boot Starter star11 Spring boot starter using for versioning rest easily.