Sofa Boot star3745 SOFABoot is a framework that enhances Spring Boot and fully compatible with it, provides readiness check, class isolation, etc.
Sofa Rpc star3109 SOFARPC is a high-performance, high-extensibility, production-level Java RPC framework.
Sofa Jraft star1794 A production-grade java implementation of RAFT consensus algorithm.
Sofa Bolt star1725 SOFABolt is a lightweight, easy to use and high performance remoting framework based on Netty.
Sofa Ark star842 SOFAArk is a light-weight,java based classloader isolation framework.
Sofa Tracer star773 SOFATracer is a component for the distributed system call trace. And through a unified traceId logging the logs of various network call ...
Sofa Rpc Node star457 SOFARPC Node is a high-performance, high-extensibility, production-level Nodejs RPC framework.
Sofa Lookout star313 SOFALookout is a light-weight monitoring and analysis tool
Sofa Rpc Boot Projects star275 SOFABoot projects for SOFARPC, include starter and samples.
Sofa Acts star234 ACTS is a white box testing framework based on data model drivers.
Sofastack Doc star126 官网已迁移至 2.0 版本 -->
Sofa Bolt Node star123 The Node.js implementation of the SOFABolt protocol
Sofa Common Tools star116 sofa-common-tools is a library that provide some utility functions to other SOFA libraries.
Sofa Hessian star95 An internal improved version of Hessian powered by Ant Financial.
Sofastack star83 SOFAStack™ (Scalable Open Financial Architecture Stack) is a collection of cloud native middleware components, which are designed to ...