Bolt star4019 Bolt is a simple CMS written in PHP. It is based on Silex and Symfony components, uses Twig and either SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL.
Silex star3705 [DEPRECATED -- Use Symfony instead] The PHP micro-framework based on the Symfony Components
Slugify star2465 Converts a string to a slug. Includes integrations for Symfony, Silex, Laravel, Zend Framework 2, Twig, Nette and Latte.
Pimple star2305 A small PHP dependency injection container
Silex star810 Silex is a static website builder in the cloud.
Silex Skeleton star806 A skeleton to get started with Silex
Silex Kitchen Edition star646 This project is a sample or a bootstrap silex application
Pinboard star478 Realtime PHP monitoring system which aggregates and displays Pinba data.
Transport star209 Swiss public transport API
Php Getting Started star146 Getting Started with PHP on Heroku
Crudlex star102 CRUDlex is an easy to use CRUD generator for Symfony 4 and Silex 2 which is great for auto generated admin pages
Payumserver star99 Payment processing microservice. Written in Symfony4
Superleansilexplate star61 Silex Superlean Starter
Silex star61 something to help you spark
Cache Service Provider star23 A Cache Service Provider for Silex, using the doctrine/cache package
Silexstarter star11 Starter app based on Silex framework with mvc and modular arch, scaffold generator, and admin panel