Shiny star3813 Easy interactive web applications with R
Plotly star1688 An interactive graphing library for R
Oak star720 A pure Go game engine
Shiny star690 Iridescent Effect View (inspired by Apple Pay Cash) ✨
Shinydashboard star655 Shiny Dashboarding framework
Mastering Shiny star548 Mastering Shiny: a book
Highcharter star526 R wrapper for highcharts based on htmlwidgets
Shinyjs star492 Easily improve the user experience of your Shiny apps in seconds
Shinywidgets star452 shinyWidgets : Extend widgets available in shiny
Awesome Rshiny star418 An awesome R-shiny list!
Dt star408 R Interface to the jQuery Plug-in DataTables
Regexplain star372 ? An RStudio addin slash regex utility belt
De star362 A Programmer's Text Editor
Golem star355 A Framework for Building Robust Shiny Apps
Awesome Shiny Extensions star289 Awesome R packages that offer extended UI or server components for the R web framework Shiny
Rhandsontable star286 A htmlwidgets implementation of Handsontable.js
Shiny.semantic star243 Shiny support for powerful Semantic UI library.
Heroku Buildpack R star226 Heroku buildpack for R - Makes deploying R on Heroku easy
Desktopdeployr star226 A framework for deploying self-contained R-based applications to the desktop
Rinno star223 How to install local shiny apps
Dashboardthemes star210 BETA: custom theme support for R Shinydashboard applications.
Shinyjqui star207 jQuery UI Interactions and Effects for Shiny
Waiter star203 ?️ Loading screens for Shiny
Ggedit star202 Interactively edit ggplot layer aesthetics and theme definitions
Shinycssloaders star202 Add loading animations to a Shiny output while it's recalculating
Reactable star202 Interactive data tables for R
Cartola star199 Extração de dados da API do CartolaFC, análise exploratória dos dados e modelos preditivos em R e Python - 2014-19. [EN] Data mungi ...
Shinyeffectforugui star183 Shiny effect of uGUI, which does not need mask or normal map.
Shinystudio star155 A fully Dockerized, self-hosted development environment for teams. Develop where you serve.
Gglabeller star154 Shiny gadget for labeling points on ggplot
Taganomaly star154 Anomaly detection analysis and labeling tool, specifically for multiple time series (one time series per category)
Explor star150 Interfaces for Multivariate Analysis in R
Googleauthr star138 Google API Client Library for R. Easy authentication and help to build Google API R libraries with OAuth2. Shiny compatible.
Scatterd3 star128 R scatter plot htmlwidget based on D3.js
Isee star125 R/shiny interface for interactive visualization of data in SummarizedExperiment objects
Fresh star119 Fresh shiny themes
Tensorflow_shiny star118 A R/Shiny app for interactive RNN tensorflow models
Bsplus star116 Shiny and R Markdown addons to Bootstrap 3
Yonder star116 A reactive web framework built on shiny
Shinymanager star116 Simple and secure authentification mechanism for single shiny applications.
Shinyfiles star115 A shiny extension for server side file access
Collapsibletree star107 Create Interactive Collapsible Tree Diagrams in R using D3.js
Echarts2shiny star102 To insert interactive charts from ECharts into R Shiny applications (在R Shiny app中插入ECharts可交互图形)
Bootstraplib star102 Tools for theming shiny and rmarkdown from R via Bootstrap (3 or 4) Sass.
Rtutor star100 Creating interactive R Problem Sets. Automatic hints and solution checks. (Shiny or RStudio)
Anicon star100 Animated icons for R markdown and Shiny apps
Shinyalert star96 Easily create pretty popup messages (modals) in Shiny
Shinyfeedback star95 display user feedback next to Shiny inputs
Electricshine star89 Create Standalone Installable Shiny Apps
Shinycustomloader star86 Add a custom loader for R shiny
Shiny Wordcloud star84 Example dockerized Shiny App
Shinyapps_links star79 A collection of Shiny applications (links shared on Twitter)
Apps star74 Carson Sievert's web applications
Gfonts star74 ? Offline Google Fonts for rmarkdown and shiny
Shufflecards star66 ✨ Create magical grid layouts in Shiny & Markdown
Startapp star65 The START App: R Shiny Transcriptome Analysis Resource Tool
Stminsights star61 A Shiny Application for Inspecting Structural Topic Models
Db Dashboard star39 Project files of the article featured here:
Datofutbol star23 Dato Fútbol repository
Shinyappdemo star20 A demo shiny app inside a package
Shiny Gem star15 A data analysis web-app written in R Shiny.
Aisvms_vis star8 AIS visualization from an interactive R and Shiny based web app using Material Design from Google.