Next.js star48755 The React Framework
Nuxt.js star27328 The Intuitive Vue Framework
Vulcan star7874 ? A toolkit to quickly build apps with React, GraphQL & Meteor
Next Routes star2179 Universal dynamic routes for Next.js
Deprecated star872 ? Framework for building universal web app and static website in Vue.js (beta)
Laravel Nuxt star775 A Laravel-Nuxt starter project template.
Universal Redux Template star471 A clean, extensible react + redux boilerplate with universal/isomorphic rendering, testing and more
Nuepress star455 ? Nuxt.js + WordPress REST API
Angular Ssr star280 Angular 4+ server-side rendering solution compatible with @angular/material, jQuery, and other libraries that touch the DOM (as well as ...
Awesome Universal Rendering star276 Awesome resources about server side sendering (SSR), static rendering, pre-rendering, static site generators (SSG).
Firebase Functions Next Example star206 Host a Next.js SSR React app on Cloud Functions for Firebase with Firebase Hosting
Mithril Node Render star189 Use mithril views to render server side
Chrome Prerender star162 Render JavaScript-rendered page as HTML/PDF/mhtml/png/jpeg using Headless Chrome
Create React Server star141 Server & middleware for React + Router + Redux with Server Side Rendering
Isomorphic Redux Cnode star123 ??基于react->express->mongo技术栈的同构SPA
Bae star115 react made easy
Cacheable Response star106 An HTTP compliant route path middleware for serving cache response with invalidation support.
React Paginating star84 Simple, lightweight, flexible pagination ReactJS component ⏮⏪1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣⏩⏭
Dva Starter star60 完美使用 dva react react-router,最好用的ssr脚手架,服务器渲染最佳实践
Razzle Unrouted star39 Blazingly fast server-rendered MVC Webapps with Preact and Webpack