Nodewk star522 基于Sailsjs的Node.js开源企业级开发框架
Generator Sails Rest Api star333 Yeoman generator for scaffolding Sails REST API with predefined features
Vue Sails Example star294 Vue.js with Sails.js example project with many features
Bedrock star184 Build a Node web app with user authentication, security, and more in under 10 minutes. Now supports React Hot Loading for super-fast de ...
Ymple Ecommerce star152 Node js E-commerce Framework powered with Sails.js & Node.js as an Ecommerce Platform Shop Solution
Node Frameworks Benchmark star115 Simple HTTP benchmark for different nodejs frameworks using wrk
Sails Hook Validation star103 Custom validation error messages for sails model with i18n support
Sails Nuxt star84 Sails + Nuxt + Vuetify Combo
Tcome star60 NodeJS & Angular4 Blog