Rocket star9816 A web framework for Rust.
Bitwarden_rs star3823 Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust
Spacex Api star3512 ? Open Source REST API for rocket, core, capsule, pad, and launch data
Plume star1255 Federated blogging application, thanks to ActivityPub
Generator Ngx Rocket star1196 ? Extensible Angular 9+ enterprise-grade project generator star1017 Legacy mobile Rocket.Chat client in Swift for iOS
Starter Kit star991 ? Angular 9+ starter kit for enterprise-grade projects star865 Legacy mobile Rocket.Chat client in Kotlin for Android
Giropops Monitoring star854 Full stack tools for monitoring containers and other stuff. ;)
Rocket star285 Rocket
Timeseriesai star226 Practical Deep Learning for Time Series / Sequential Data library based on fastai v2/ Pytorch
Chipyard star217 An Agile RISC-V SoC Design Framework with in-order cores, out-of-order cores, accelerators, and more
Ue4 Binary Builder star170 An application designed to create installed Unreal Engine builds (aka Rocket builds) from Unreal Engine GitHub source.
Rust Web Boilerplate star150 Rust web template for modern web backend applications
Rrinlog star117 Replacing Elasticsearch with Rust and SQLite
Rust_rocket_api_authentication star72 An example of API written in Rust with the framework, with a JWT Authentication
Accord star66 Data validation library for Rust
Localslackirc star64 IRC gateway for slack, running on localhost for one user
React Next Boilerplate star55 ? A basis for reducing the configuration of your projects with nextJS, best development practices and popular libraries in the develope ...
Rocket_cors star54 Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for applications
Rocket star40 NetDisk in command line.