Razzle star9031 ✨ Create server-rendered universal JavaScript applications with no configuration
Reason React Native star741 ReasonML / BuckleScript bindings for React Native
Reason React Hacker News star544 hacker news mobile app made with reason react
Reductive star366 Redux in Reason
React Recomponent star272 ? Reason-style reducer components for React using ES6 classes.
Isolate star250 Lightweight image browser
Reason Graphql Fullstack star239 Fullstack Reason + GraphQL Todo List App
Reason Relay star146 Use Relay with ReasonML.
Pure star131 React in pure Reason that targets native platforms.
Reroute star120 a fast, declarative microrouter for reason-react
Pupilfirst star120 Pupilfirst is a feature-rich open-source Learning Management System (LMS) that is built around the philosophy that true learning cannot ...
Fullstack Reason star117 A demo project that shows a fullstack ReasonML/OCaml app–native binary + webapp
Reason Calculator star108 A calculator built with Reason and reason-react.
Brisk Reconciler star108 React.js-like reconciler implemented in OCaml/Reason
Verified React star99 Automated reasoning for React/ReasonML
Introduce Reason Example star82 An example app made with Create React App which introduces a Reason component
Reason React Update star70 useReducer with updates and side effects!
Ppx_bsx star67 OCaml JSX for ReasonReact
Recontainers star54 [DEPRECATED] ReasonReact utilitary high order components
Pragma star33 Pragma is a self-hosted, open-source, personal note taking app.