Re Frame star4348 A ClojureScript framework for building user interfaces, leveraging React
Reagent star3827 A minimalistic ClojureScript interface to React.js
Status React star2920 a free (libre) open source, mobile OS for Ethereum
Awesome Clojurescript star784 A community driven list of ClojureScript frameworks, libraries and wrappers.
Gooreplacer star755 ⚡️⚡️A Firefox/Chrome extension to modify HTTP requests :-)
Reagent Cookbook star745 Examples of how to accomplish specific tasks in a Reagent webapp.
Re Com star626 A ClojureScript library of reusable components for Reagent
Cljs Electron star530 ClojureScript + Electron + Figwheel + Reagent = ❤❤❤
Cljfx star469 Declarative, functional and extensible wrapper of JavaFX inspired by better parts of react and re-frame
Re Frame 10x star426 A debugging dashboard for re-frame. X-ray vision as tooling.
Re Frame Template star407 A Leiningen template for creating a re-frame application (client only)
Lein_template_descjop star382 A Leiningen template(Clojure/ClojureScript Project) for Web based desktop application with Electron (atom-shell).
Re Frisk star363 Take full control of re-frame app
Hyperfiddle star343 a Hypermedia Function
Conduit star329 Real world application built with ClojureScript + re-frame
Reagent Forms star307 Bootstrap form components for Reagent
Keechma star292 Micro frontend framework for ClojureScript and Reagent
Expo Cljs Template star275 Expo template for Clojurescript React Native
Stylefy star248 Styling ClojureScript UI components with ease.
Kee Frame star244 re-frame with batteries included
Antizer star218 ClojureScript library for Ant Design React UI components
Clojurenews star216 Clojure News Web Application - (Hacker News Clone)
Datsys star203 (+ clj cljs datomic datascript re-frame-esque-frp)
Cljs React Material Ui star200 Clojurescript library for using
Hanami star184 Interactive arts and charts plotting with Clojure(Script) and Vega-lite / Vega. Flower viewing 花見 (hanami)
Reagent Figwheel star160 Leiningen template for Reagent applications in Clojurescript with Figwheel. Optionally includes secretary, cljs.test, garden, less, cid ...
Soda Ash star152 Soda-ash is an interface between clojurescript's Reagent and Semantic UI React
Js Workshop star150 Reagent Workshop for React developers
Carry star148 ClojureScript application framework.
Re Learn star128 A library for integrating tutorials into your re-frame/reagent application
React Atom star127 A simple way manage state in React, inspired by Clojure(Script) and reagent.cljs
Rid3 star126 Reagent Interface to D3
Ventas star102 Clojure ecommerce platform
Saite star69 Interactive document creation for exploratory graphics and visualizations. 咲いて (in bloom). Built on top of hanami vega/vega-lite ...
Yet Another Craft star67 Multiplayer Starcraft game clone in clojure with reagent.
Re Pollsive star27 Re-pollsive is a clojurescript library that handles polling events for re-frame applications