Spina star1731 Spina CMS
Ridgepole star736 Ridgepole is a tool to manage DB schema. It defines DB schema using Rails DSL, and updates DB schema according to DSL. (like Chef/Pupp ...
Agoo star630 A High Performance HTTP Server for Ruby
Komponent star413 An opinionated way of organizing front-end code in Ruby on Rails, based on components
Second_level_cache star360 Write Through and Read Through caching library inspired by CacheMoney and cache_fu, support ActiveRecord 4 and 5.
Pluck_to_hash star265 Extend ActiveRecord pluck to return array of hashes
Lines Engine star167 Lines is a customizable blog framework for Rails. It aims at making publishing simple and beautiful.
Vuejs Rails Starterkit star160 Vue.js + Rails Starting Kit GitHub Template to develop Hybrid Mobile Application: https://vuejs-rails-starterkit.herokuapp.com
Websiteone star129 A website for Agile Ventures
Reactchat star89 A chat app built with React.js and ActionCable in Ruby on Rails 5.1
Swagger_ui_engine star76 Include swagger-ui as rails engine and document your API with simple JSON or YAML files.
Action Cable Signaling Server star76 ?Rails implementation of a WebRTC Signaling Server
Rails_5_api_tutorial star63 Building the Perfect Rails 5 API Only App & Documenting Rails-based REST API using Swagger UI
Activeadmin_blaze_theme star32 ActiveAdmin theme based on Blaze CSS toolkit
Javascript30 Stimulus star30 Wes Bos ? Javascript30 converted to Stimulus JS ???
Tolaria star29 A Rails CMS framework for making your editors happy.
Dashvis star28 An open-source Dashboard built for users, to organize their resources via Tables and Folders.
Activeadmin_trumbowyg star25 Trumbowyg Editor for ActiveAdmin
Activeadmin_froala_editor star24 Froala WYSIWYG editor for ActiveAdmin