Gorsk star802 ? Idiomatic Golang Restful Starter Kit
Aws Cognito Angular Quickstart star677 An Angular(v5)-based QuickStart single-page app utilizing Amazon Cognito, S3, and DynamoDB (Serverless architecture)
Examples star651 Apache Kafka and Confluent Platform examples and demos
Auth0 React Samples star571 Auth0 Integration Samples for React Applications
Active Directory Aspnetcore Webapp Openidconnect V2 star414 An ASP.NET Core Web App which lets sign-in users (including in your org, many orgs, orgs + personal accounts, sovereign clouds) and cal ...
Wechat Mini Program Wiki star346 Anyone can make a Wechat mini-program with the first and only English Wiki made to decrypt the Mini-program framework.
Instapy Quickstart star315 ? Simply get InstaPy up and running in minutes.
Auth0 Angular Samples star200 Auth0 Integration Samples for Angular 2+ Applications
Auth0 Vue Samples star191 Auth0 Integration Samples for Vue.js Applications
Expo Native Firebase star183 ? Native Firebase Expo App (iOS, Android) Demo for Firestore, Notifications, Analytics, Storage, Messaging, Database ?
Mevn Stack star159 A Quickstart for building an Express API with a VueJS Admin Portal
Spring Boot Angular4 Boilerplate star151 Quickstart for spring boot + angular 4 projects
Analytics React star136 The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into your React application.
Quick Start star126 ? Empezá por acá!
Auth0 Nodejs Webapp Sample star101 Auth0 Integration Samples for Node Web Applications
Auth0 Aspnetcore Webapi Samples star80 Auth0 Integration Samples for ASP.NET Core WebAPI Services
Nativescript App Templates star75 Monorepo for NativeScript app templates
Angular Quick Starter star74 Учебные материалы на русском
Javaee8 Essentials Archetype star72 A quickstart maven archetype for creating greenfield Jakarta EE and MicroProfile projects
Analytics Vue star70 The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into your Vue application.
Auth0 React Native Sample star67 Auth0 Integration Samples for React Native
Pyspark Cheatsheet star65 ? Quick reference guide to common patterns & functions in PySpark.
Auth0 Express Api Samples star59 Auth0 Integration Samples for Node Express REST API Services
Start_laravel star42 Let this application be your quick start to Laravel, It'll help you to build your app structure and show you each component of Laravel ...
Lychee Openshift Quickstart star13 OpenShift Lychee Quickstart
Wicket Kotlin Quickstart star8 The Apache Wicket quickstart application rewritten in Kotlin language