Zappa star10648 Serverless Python
Pyramid star3381 Pyramid - A Python web framework
Webargs star1014 A friendly library for parsing HTTP request arguments, with built-in support for popular web frameworks, including Flask, Django, Bottl ...
Pspnet Keras Tensorflow star374 TensorFlow implementation of original paper :
Serverless Wsgi star340 Serverless plugin to deploy WSGI applications (Flask/Django/Pyramid etc.) and bundle Python packages
Deform star331 A Python HTML form library.
Ramses star305 RAML + Elasticsearch / Postgres / Mongodb / Your Data Storeā„¢ + Pyramid = RESTful API
Pyrollbar star161 Error tracking and logging from Python to Rollbar
Pyramid Attention Networks Pytorch star156 Implementation of Pyramid Attention Networks for Semantic Segmentation.
Lrf Net star152 Learning Rich Features at High-Speed for Single-Shot Object Detection, ICCV, 2019
Mapchete star116 Tile-based geodata processing using rasterio & Fiona
Pyramid_tutorials star81 Tutorials for Pyramid
Data Driven Web Apps With Pyramid And Sqlalchemy star73 Demos and handouts for Talk Python's Data-Driven Web Apps with Pyramid and SQLAlchemy course
Ziggurat_foundations star65 Framework agnostic set of sqlalchemy classes that make building applications that require permissions an easy task.
Cookiecutter Pyramid Talk Python Starter star64 An opinionated Cookiecutter template for creating Pyramid web applications starting way further down the development chain. This cookie ...
Tahrir star57 Pyramid app for issuing your own Open Badges
Nefertari star54 Nefertari is a REST API framework sitting on top of Pyramid and ElasticSearch
Channelstream star52 Channelstream is a websocket communication server for web applications
Zope.sqlalchemy star30 Integration of SQLAlchemy with transaction management
Unsonic star20 Unsonic, the un-Subsonic music server.
Swapface star20 Seamless face swapping