Verdi star481 A framework for formally verifying distributed systems implementations in Coq
Chronicle star418 Public append-only ledger microservice built with Slim Framework
Kadence star363 ⚠️ KADENCE HAS MOVED TO GITLAB ⚠️
Agda Stdlib star298 The Agda standard library
L4v star291 seL4 specification and proofs
Merkle Patricia Tree star246 This is an implementation of the modified merkle patricia tree as specified in the Ethereum's yellow paper.
Verdi Raft star137 An implementation of the Raft distributed consensus protocol, verified in Coq using the Verdi framework
Iron star108 Coq formalizations of functional languages.
Disel star74 Distributed Separation Logic: a framework for compositional verification of distributed protocols and their implementations in Coq
Generic Syntax star50 A Scope-and-Type Safe Universe of Syntaxes with Binding, Their Semantics and Proofs
Keymaerax Release star40 KeYmaera X: An aXiomatic Tactical Theorem Prover for Hybrid Systems (release)
Idris Insertion Sort star24 Provably correct implementation of insertion sort in Idris.
Hashapi Lib Node star20 Tierion Hash API client library for Node.js
Emofishes star11 Emofishes is a collection of proof of concepts that help improve, bypass or detect virtualized execution environments (focusing on the ...
Dblib Linear star10 Formalisation of the linear lambda calculus in Coq