Project Layout star15313 Standard Go Project Layout
Templates star2128 .NET project templates with batteries included, providing the minimum amount of code required to get you going faster.
Liftoff star1642 CLI for creating and configuring new Xcode projects
Yii2 App Advanced star1430 Yii 2.0 Advanced Application Template
Node Typescript Boilerplate star759 Minimalistic project template to jump start a Node.js back-end application in TypeScript. TSLint, Jest and type definitions included.
Yii2 App Basic star510 Yii 2.0 Basic Application Template
Django Project Template star479 Project template layout for Django 2.0+
Summoner star471 ? ? Tool for scaffolding batteries-included production-level Haskell projects
Tenzing star404 ⚡️ Clojurescript application template using Boot
Lein_template_descjop star382 A Leiningen template(Clojure/ClojureScript Project) for Web based desktop application with Electron (atom-shell).
Cookiecutter Golang star353 A Go project template
Aem Project Archetype star271 Maven template to create best-practice websites on AEM.
Cleancppproject star239 Clean C++ project for you to use. Features: Modern CMake, CPack, Doxygen, PlantUML, Catch Unit testing, static analysis
Projectmaker star231 A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to allow creating any kind of project from your own custom templates
Cpp Project star220 Boiler plate template for C++ projects, with CMake, Doctest, Travis CI, Appveyor, Github Actions and coverage reports.
Generate star219 A new command line tool and developer framework for scaffolding out GitHub projects. Generate offers the robustness and configurability ...
Wemake Python Package star158 Bleeding edge cookiecutter template to create new python packages
Wordpress Heroku star146 This project is a template for installing and running WordPress 5.x on Heroku.
Django Starter Template star136 A project template for Django 2.0 that follows best practices.
Yii2 Minimal star130 Yii 2 minimal application template
Generator Jekyll Starter Kit star129 ? Jekyll Progressive Web App Generator.
Pesy star116 Project configuration for esy
Node Flowtype Boilerplate star105 This boilerplate repository is outdated and no longer maintained. Instead, I strongly recommend to use TypeScript.
Phint star84 Interactively scaffolds and init new (or fixup old) PHP project/library with sane defaults using templates in no time
Api Blueprint Boilerplate star69 Minimalistic boilerplate to quick-start API specification using API Blueprint description language.
New Empty Python Project Base star56 The Perfect Python Project Template. Bored of coding anew the same thing for your new Python projects? Here is what you need. Click bel ...
Api_server_boilerplate star51 typescript express board boilerplate using routing controller
Visualstudiorevittemplate star21 Visual Studio project template for Revit add-in development. (using WPF and MVVM)