Dash star12012 Analytical Web Apps for Python, R, Julia, and Jupyter. No JavaScript Required.
Plotly.js star11742 Open-source JavaScript charting library behind Plotly and Dash star6861 The interactive graphing library for Python (includes Plotly Express) ✨
Dtale star1053 Flask/React client for visualizing pandas data structures
Dash Sample Apps star749 Apps hosted in the Dash Gallery
Dash Recipes star617 A collection of scripts and examples created while answering questions from the greater Dash community
Plotly_express star600 Plotly Express - Simple syntax for complex charts. Now integrated into!
Hexapod Robot Simulator star484 ?️ A simple browser-based hexapod robot simulator built from first principles ?️
Dash Bootstrap Components star402 Bootstrap components for Plotly Dash
Crypto Whale Watching App star335 Python Dash app that tracks whale activity in cryptocurrency markets.
Jupyterlab Dash star323 An Extension for the Interactive development of Dash apps in JupyterLab
Socialsentiment star315 Sentiment Analysis application created with Python and Dash, hosted at
Dash Table star312 A First-Class Interactive DataTable for Dash
Dashr star294 Dash for R - An R interface to the Dash ecosystem for creating analytic web applications
Dash Docs star288 ? The Official Dash Userguide & Documentation
Django Plotly Dash star203 Expose plotly dash apps as django tags
Dash Core Components star198 A dash component starter pack ?
Dash Cytoscape star188 Interactive network visualization in Python and Dash, powered by Cytoscape.js
Slapdash star181 Boilerplate for bootstrapping scalable multi-page Dash applications
Dash Svm star130 Interactive SVM Explorer, using Dash and scikit-learn
Ml_board star123 a machine learning dashboard that displays hyperparameter settings alongside visualizations, and logs the scientist's thoughts througho ...
Jupyter Dash star119 Develop Dash apps in the Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab
Dash Component Boilerplate star115 Get started creating your own Dash components here.
Plotlydash Flask Tutorial star95 ??Embed Plotly Dash into your Flask applications.
Dash Renderer star86 DEPRECATED will merge into dash
Dash.jl star65 Dash for Julia - A Julia interface to the Dash ecosystem for creating analytic web applications in pure Julia
Fitly star38 Self hosted web analytics for endurance athletes
Front End star29 Coronavirus COVID19 US Cases Dashboard