Playframework star11604 Play Framework
Atmosphere star3429 Realtime Client Server Framework for the JVM, supporting WebSockets with Cross-Browser Fallbacks
Lagom star2412 Reactive Microservices for the JVM
Play Slick star785 Slick Plugin for Play
Twirl star473 Twirl is Play's default template engine
Play Reactivemongo star409 ? ReactiveMongo plugin for Playframework
Endpoints star273 Scala library to define HTTP-based communication protocols
Play Mailer star242 Play mailer plugin
Play Scala Starter Example star239 Play Scala Starter Template (ideal for new users!)
Vinyldns star239 DNS Governance for streamlining DNS operations and enabling safe and secure DNS self-service
Play Samples star239
Play Json star237 The Play JSON library
Play Scala Rest Api Example star228 Example Play Scala application showing REST API
Play Scala Websocket Example star197 Example Play Scala application showing WebSocket use with Akka actors
Play Ws star187 Standalone Play WS, an async HTTP client with fluent API
Play Angular Require Seed star170 Seed Application for Playframework 2, RequireJS, WebJars, and AngularJS 1.x
Playbasics star167 Example code for my tutorial series about Play Framework 2.x
Play Java Starter Example star166 Play starter project in Java (ideal for new users!)
Otoroshi star162 Lightweight api management on top of a modern http reverse proxy
Play Scala Isolated Slick Example star158 Example Play Slick Project
Play2 Crud star147 Simple CRUD & DAO implementation for play2
Bigdataplatform star143 BigDataPlatform:基于大数据、数据平台、微服务、机器学习、商城、自动化运维、DevOps、容器部署平台、 ...
Play Redis star138 Play framework 2 cache plugin as an adapter to redis-server
Play Mockws star133 Mock WS client for Play Framework
Izanami star126 Izanami is a shared configuration, feature flipping and A/B testing server well-suited for micro-service architecture implementation.
Play Jsmessages star124 Library to compute localized messages of your Play application on client side
Play Monadic Actions star124 A simple scala DSL to allow clean and monadic style for Play! Actions
Play Pdf star108 A PDF module for the Play framework
Play Circe star89 circe for play
Sbt Newrelic star87 New Relic monitoring integration for SBT with sbt-native-packager
Play Java Websocket Example star86 Example Play Java application showing Websocket usage with Akka actors
Scalatestplus Play star86 ScalaTest + Play
Play Slick3 Example star80 A simple skeleton for play scala slick applications.
Play Ebean star79 Play Ebean module
Cfp Devoxx star79 Call for Papers application created for Devoxx France, used by many conferences
Play Json Schema Validator star70 JSON Schema Validation with Play JSON
Play Scala Slick Example star58 Example Play Scala project with Slick
Sbt Play Gulp star38 Gulp asset pipeline for Play Framework
Play Zhewbacca star20 Play! framework library to protect REST endpoint by OAuth2 token verification. Supports Play versions 2.5, 2.6, 2.7