Lila star6815 ♞ the forever free, adless and open source chess server ♞
Pac4j star1805 Security engine for Java (authentication, authorization, multi frameworks): OAuth, CAS, SAML, OpenID Connect, LDAP, JWT...
Play Authenticate star819 An authentication plugin for Play Framework 2.x (Java)
Play Silhouette star804 Silhouette is an authentication library for Play Framework applications that supports several authentication methods, including OAuth1, ...
Cs Summary Reflection star504 Scala、Java、Rust、Python学习及博客
Play Scalajs.g8 star403 Giter8 template to get started with Play and Scala.js.
Yona star372 Project Hosting SW, DEMO:
Play Pac4j star363 Security library for Play framework 2 in Java and Scala: OAuth, CAS, SAML, OpenID Connect, LDAP, JWT...
Ping Play star315 BigPipe streaming for the Play Framework
Swagger Play star312
Boilerplay star272 Using the latest technology in the Scala ecosystem, Boilerplay is a reactive web application built on Play Framework, ScalaJS, Silhouet ...
Play Mailer star242 Play mailer plugin
React Play star221 Render React components in the Play Framework with JDK8's JavaScript engine
Validation star194 validation api extracted from play
Scala Play React Seed star164 ❄️ Java Play 2.7.x + React seed project with full-fledged build process
Play2 Crud star147 Simple CRUD & DAO implementation for play2
Api First Hand star141 API-First bootstrapping tool for building RESTful web services from a Swagger/OpenAPI spec
Play Redis star138 Play framework 2 cache plugin as an adapter to redis-server
Play Guard star114 Play2 module for rate limiting, based on token bucket algorithm
Play Pdf star108 A PDF module for the Play framework
Play2 Html5tags star101 HTML5 form tags module for Play Framework
Kebs star101 Scala library to eliminate boilerplate
Scala Play Angular Seed star84 ? Scala Play 2.7.x + Angular 8 with Angular CLI seed project with full-fledged build process
Vos_backend star68 vangav open source - backend; a backend generator (generates more than 90% of the code needed for big scale backend services)
Crypto Coin Alerts star65 An application that let you set alerts for the prices of several cryptocurrencies
Spark Submit Ui star48 This is a based on playframwork for submit spark app
Play Reactive Slick star40 This is Play Template with a nice User Interface. If you want to use Play as web framework and Postgres as Database then this demo proj ...
Pujangga star36 Pujangga - Indonesian Natural Language Processing Tool with REST API, an Interface for InaNLP and Deeplearning4j's Word2Vec
Play26 Swagger Reactivemongo star34 A fully featured CRUD app built with Play 2.6, Swagger and ReactiveMongo
Book Examples star23
Playaccesslogger star21 Generates access logs compatible with Apache httpd (enhanced combined format)
Play Json Extra star20 playframework2 json extra module. provide convenience functions for define Format, Reads, Writes
Lagom Example star20 Example usage of the Lagom Framework for writing Java-based microservices
Play Webrtc star13 play-webrtc
Sbt Ignore Play Generated star10 Configure linters and coverage tools to ignore Play's generated source files.