Cphalcon star10155 High performance, full-stack PHP framework delivered as a C extension.
Ip2region star7794 Ip2region is a offline IP location library with accuracy rate of 99.9% and 0.0x millseconds searching performance. DB file is ONLY a fe ...
Zephir star2897 Zephir is a compiled high level language aimed to the creation of C-extensions for PHP
V8js star1439 V8 Javascript Engine for PHP — This PHP extension embeds the Google V8 Javascript Engine
Msphpsql star1336 Microsoft Drivers for PHP for SQL Server
Php Rdkafka star1299 Kafka client for PHP
Seaslog star1099 An effective,fast,stable log extension for PHP.
Php Spx star818 A simple & straight-to-the-point PHP profiling extension with its built-in web UI
Php Ext Wasm star652 ??️ PHP extension to run WebAssembly binaries.
Php Opencv star507 PHP extensions for OpenCV
Libsodium Php star481 The PHP extension for libsodium.
Zan star441 高效稳定、安全易用、线上实时验证的全异步高性能网络库,通过PHP扩展方式使用。
Php7 Extension Explore star373 PHP7扩展开发 系列教程
Php Vips star256 php binding for libvips
Php V8 star192 PHP extension for V8 JavaScript engine
Study star188 手把手教你写PHP协程扩展(teach you to write php coroutine extension by hand)
Skyapm Php Sdk star180 The PHP instrument agent for Apache SkyWalking
Pht star174 A new threading extension for PHP
Php Psr star155 PHP extension providing the accepted PSR interfaces
Php Akm star116 Ahocorasick keyword match.
Php Zephir Parser star110 The Zephir Parser delivered as a C extension for the PHP language.
Ycdatabase star110 The lightest php database framework written in c language, built in php extension, for mysql
Php Ext Collection star83 PHP collection extensions - PHP Version 7.x
Ext Collections star79 Array manipulation extension for PHP.
Ant_php_extension star71 PHP 扩展, 用于 PHP-FPM、FastCGI、LD_PRELOAD等模式下突破 disabled_functions
Php Ion star65 Asynchronous PHP
Php Rs star52 A library to build PHP extensions in Rust.
Phptdlib star49 PHP Extension for tdlib/td written with PHP-CPP
Pinyin Php star26 `pinyin-php` is a php extension which could translate Chinese character into Chinese PinYin.
Graphql Parser Php star26 A PHP extension wrapping the libgraphqlparser library for parsing GraphQL.
Php Extensions star26 PHP C扩展开发
Phpython star13 PHPython: An extension to eval python3 codes in PHP