Johnny Five star11505 JavaScript Robotics and IoT programming framework, developed at Bocoup.
Photon star9398 The fastest way to build beautiful Electron apps using simple HTML and CSS
Photon star965 an open source geocoder for openstreetmap data
Device Os star950 Device OS (Firmware) for Particle Devices
Particle Cli star204 Command Line Interface for Particle Cloud and devices
Preact Photon star153 ? Beautiful desktop apps with Preact + Photon ❤️
Docs star128 Documentation for Particle
Coffeehack star113 Hack of our Jura coffee machine
Particle Api Js star109 JS Library for the Particle API
Warcraft Arena Unity star108 World of Warcraft client-server combat system implementation in Unity with Photon Bolt.
Hardware Libraries star67 Particle parts for computer-aided design (CAD)
Photon.vim star58 An elegant dark Vim colour scheme with minimal syntax highlighting that cares about the little details.
Sopgi star54 A small VEX raytracer for SideFX Houdini with photon mapping global illumination and full recursive reflections and refractions
Simex_platform star13 Start-to-end photon experiment simulation platform
Ubernet star10 Flexible networking library for Unity