Bigdata Notes star6862 大数据入门指南 ⭐️
Guardian star2837 Elixir Authentication star1976 Hacker to the ?
Elixir Companies star1345 A list of companies currently using Elixir in production.
Wallaby star975 Concurrent browser tests with elixir
Firestorm star947 An open-source forum engine, with an Elixir+Phoenix backend and an Elm frontend.
Elixirbooks star913 List of Elixir books
Pow star913 Robust, modular, and extendable user authentication system
Plausible star848 Simple, lightweight analytics for your website
Drab star819 Remote controlled frontend framework for Phoenix.
Phoenix star798 Mirror of Apache Phoenix
Acme_bank star663 An example ☂ project
Faker star586 Faker is a pure Elixir library for generating fake data.
Ex_venture star489 Text based MMORPG engine written in Elixir
Phoenix_swagger star483 Swagger integration to Phoenix framework
Torch star449 A rapid admin generator for Elixir & Phoenix
Awesome Phoenix star425 ? Collection of awesome open-source apps made with Phoenix Framework
Bodyguard star414 Simple authorization conventions for Phoenix apps
Bootleg star389 Simple deployment and server automation for Elixir.
Remote_retro star380 Free, world-class retrospectives
React Phoenix star380 Make rendering React.js components in Phoenix easy
Coincoin star378 Blockchain based cryptocurrency proof-of-concept in Elixir. Feedback welcome
Avia star369 open source e-commerce framework
Tilex star367 Today I Learned
Terraform star362 A simple plug for incrementally transforming an API into Phoenix. Check out the blog post:
Phoenix Chat Example star353 ? A Step-by-Step Beginners Tutorial for Building, Testing & Deploying a Chat app in Phoenix 1.4 (latest)! ?
Hammer star344 An Elixir rate-limiter with pluggable backends
Phoenix star327 My Phoenix setup. Powerful, easy to customize, tuned for web development, adds a space switcher.
Paper_trail star305 Track and record all the changes in your database with Ecto. Revert back to anytime in history.
Machinery star303 State machine thin layer for structs (+ GUI for Phoenix apps)
Loopa News star297 Realtime social news app developed from scratch with Elixir, Phoenix, Vue and Vuex
Ex_rated star279 ExRated, the Elixir OTP GenServer with the naughty name that allows you to rate-limit calls to any service that requires it.
Cercle star272 Cercle is a CRM+Project Manager for your organization - Phoenix Framework & Vuejs
Phoenix_slime star266 Phoenix Template Engine for Slime
Exchat star250 A Slack-like app by Elixir, Phoenix & React(redux)
Szt Bigdata star230 深圳地铁大数据客流分析系统???
Heroku Buildpack Phoenix Static star222 A Heroku buildpack for building Phoenix's static assets
Conduit star214 RealWorld example backend implementing the CQRS/ES pattern in Elixir and Phoenix
Lifelong Learning star207 ✅ ✅ ✅ A massive repo filled with notes on everything from coding to philosophy to psychology to marketing to product
Ex Shop star205 Digital goods shop & blog created using Elixir (Phoenix framework)
Params star204 Easy parameters validation/casting with Ecto.Schema, akin to Rails' strong parameters.
Absinthe_plug star193 Plug support for Absinthe, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir
Observer_live star193 A port of observer_cli using LiveView
Formex star191 A better form library for Phoenix
Docker Web Framework Examples star191 Example apps that demonstate how to use Docker with your favorite web frameworks.
Phoenix And Elm star182 Example application using Elixir, Phoenix and Elm
Elm Phoenix star180 An Elm client for Phoenix Channels
New Relixir star179 New Relic tracking for Phoenix and Plug applications.
Ueberauth_example star170 Example Phoenix application using Überauth for authentication
Codebattle star168 Codebattle game
Logster star167 Easily parsable single line, plain text and JSON logger for Plug and Phoenix applications
Kaffy star165 Powerfully simple admin package for phoenix applications
Pow_assent star163 Multi-provider authentication for your Pow enabled app
Passport star161 Provides authentication for phoenix application
Inquisitor star157 Composable query builder for Ecto
Phoenix_client star150 Elixir Phoenix Client for Channels
Appsignal Elixir star150 AppSignal for Elixir package
The Zen Of Elixir star144 Collection of top articles reflecting the Zen of Elixir
Mipha star144 Proj Elixir Forum build with phoenix 1.4.
Elixir Runtime star143 The community-supported runtime for Elixir on Google App Engine.
Faker Elixir star137 ? FakerElixir generates fake data for you.
Codefund star137 Deprecated. Please go to
Veil star133 Simple passwordless authentication for your Phoenix apps
Ex_money star132 A [work-in-progress] self-hosted personal finance app
Phoenix Ecto Encryption Example star132 ? A detailed example for how to encrypt data in a Phoenix (Elixir) App before inserting into a database using Ecto Types
Nova star124 An attempt to port/rebuild Spree, an open source e-commerce solution, with Elixir and Phoenix.
Rummage_phoenix star124 Full Phoenix Support for Rummage. It can be used for searching, sorting and paginating collections in phoenix.
Birdsong star122 ?? Swift WebSockets client for Phoenix Channels.
Ce Phoenix star116 OSCOM CE Phoenix is the official Community Edition of osCommerce. Demo:
Grapevine star115 The MUD Chat Network
Phoenix For Vk star111 Yet another VK client for Android
Ja_resource star108 A behaviour to reduce boilerplate code in your JSON-API compliant Phoenix controllers without sacrificing flexibility.
Yummy Phoenix Graphql star108 Cooking recipe sharing app built with Phoenix, React, GraphQL and Kubernetes
Phoenix_swoosh star99 Swoosh
Backend star94 EmCasa Backend
Premailex star94 Preflight for your HTML emails - inline styling and plain text.
Ex_oauth2_provider star90 Making OAuth 2 provider and authentication with http bearer as simple as possible for Elixir and Phoenix apps
Mentat star88 scalable group chat with tags and pretty good privacy.
Phoenixsharp star85 C# Phoenix Channels client. Unity Compatible.
Phoenix_gon star84 ? Phoenix variables in your JavaScript without headache.
Formulator star83 A form library for Phoenix
Filterable star76 Filtering from incoming params in Elixir/Ecto/Phoenix with easy to use DSL.
Geoip star75 Elixir library to find geo location information given an IP address, hostname or Plug.Conn
Verk_web star73 A dashboard for the job processing system that just verks! ?‍
Expug star72 Pug templates for Elixir
Phoenix_react_playground star72 An example setup for a Phoenix+React project with sensible defaults.
Authex star72 Authex is an opinionated JWT authentication and authorization library for Elixir.
Phoenixengine star69 please update from this place
Alpine Phoenix Builder star68 Up to date Alpine image with the latest language versions for staged Elixir and Phoenix builds.
Alttracker star65 Alt Tracker is a beautiful, simple, cryptocurrency portfolio management tool
Flappy Phoenix star63 ?Flappy Bird clone written in Elixir using Phoenix LiveView to render the game UI from the server.
Elyxel star56 Community Software
Shorten_api_tutorial star55 ?How to make a link shortener using Elixir, Phoenix and Mnesia
Habits star53 An Elixir/Phoenix app for tracking daily habits, ready to deploy to Heroku.
Phoenix Ecto Append Only Log Example star48 ? A step-by-step example/tutorial showing how to build a Phoenix (Elixir) App where all data is immutable (append only). Precursor to B ...
Ansible Elixir Playbooks star39 Ansible playbooks for Elixir build server and Phoenix Website. Sample app here:
Ansible Phoenix star37 [Unmaintained] Develop and deploy a Phoenix app using Ansible!
Ecto_morph star33 morph your Ecto capabilities into the s t r a t o s p h e r e !
Scout_apm_elixir star29 Elixir Performance Monitoring Agent
Rolodex star29 ?API Documentation Generator for Phoenix