Padrino Framework star3256 Padrino is a full-stack ruby framework built upon Sinatra.
Pagy star2530 The ultimate pagination ruby gem
Config star1663 Easiest way to add multi-environment yaml settings to Rails, Sinatra, Pandrino and other Ruby projects.
Simple Navigation star860 A ruby gem for creating navigations (with multiple levels) for your Rails, Sinatra or Padrino applications. Render your navigation as ...
Bh star836 Bootstrap Helpers for Ruby
Dawnscanner star634 Dawn is a static analysis security scanner for ruby written web applications. It supports Sinatra, Padrino and Ruby on Rails frameworks ...
Padrinobook star151 The Guide To Master The Elegant Ruby Web Framework. A practical approach to learn crafting web applications in Padrino. Written by @wik ...
Rack Policy star148 Rack middleware for the EU ePrivacy Directive compliance in Ruby Web Apps
Job Vacancy star11 A sample app written in Padrino for displaying job offers