Nest star27181 A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, scalable, and enterprise-grade server-side applications on top of TypeScript & ...
Home Assistantconfig star2742 ...
Elasticsearch Net star2714 Elasticsearch.Net & NEST
Notadd star2359 A microservice development architecture based on nest.js. —— 基于 Nest.js 的微服务开发架构。
Openthread star2164 OpenThread released by Google is an open-source implementation of the Thread networking protocol
Crud star1361 NestJs CRUD for RESTful APIs
Nest Cli star694 CLI tool for Nest applications ?
Typescript Starter star650 Nest framework TypeScript starter ☕️
Nodepress star638 ? RESTful API service for Blog/CMS, powered by @nestjs
Graphql star520 GraphQL (TypeScript) module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Typeorm star516 TypeORM module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Swagger star512 OpenAPI (Swagger) module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Nestjs Learning star430 nestjs 学习教程 ?,跟我一起学习 nest 框架~ ?
Cqrs star347 A lightweight CQRS module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Nest Schedule star323 A cron-like and not-cron-like job distributed scheduler for Nest.js by decorators.
Nest Simulator star301 The NEST simulator
Bull star290 Bull module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Nest Api star286 Unofficial Nest Learning Thermostat API star285 nestjs 中文文档
Nest Angular star281 NestJS, Angular 6, Server Side Rendering (Angular Universal), GraphQL, JWT (JSON Web Tokens) and Facebook/Twitter/Google Authentication ... star272 The official documentation ?
Ng Universal star259 Angular Universal module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Nestcloud star212 A NodeJS micro-service solution, writing by Typescript language and NestJS framework.
Terminus star189 Terminus module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Nestify star174 ?An enterprise web fullstack framework based on Nest.js
Nest Cqrs Example star171 The example usage of Nest CQRS module
Nestjs Typegoose star166 Typegoose with NestJS
Jwt star161 JWT utilities module based on the jsonwebtoken package ?
Passport star159 Passport module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Homeassistant star148 Example Home Assistant Configs
Schematics star129 Nest architecture element generation based on Angular schematics ?
Mongoose star122 Mongoose module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Nestjs Pino star122 Platform agnostic logger for NestJS based on Pino with REQUEST CONTEXT IN EVERY LOG
Snn_toolbox star121 Toolbox for converting analog to spiking neural networks (ANN to SNN), and running them in a spiking neuron simulator.
Ot Br Posix star120 OpenThread Border Router, a Thread border router for POSIX-based platforms.
Nestjs Sequelize Jwt star115 Nest + Sequelize + jwt
Nest Status Monitor star114 Simple, self-hosted module based on and Chart.js to report realtime server metrics for Nest-based node servers
New Eden Social star112 ? New Eden Social ?
Elasticsearch star112 Elasticsearch module based on the official elasticsearch package ?
Serverless Core star111 Serverless Core module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Vue Canvas Nest star109 ? A Vue.js background component for canvas-nest.
Cool Admin Api star109 cool-admin-api 是基于egg.js、typeorm、jwt等封装的api开发脚手架、快速开发api接口
Nestjs Graphql star108 nest-js starter which implement graphql module
Nest User Auth star88 A starter build for a back end which implements managing users with MongoDB, Mongoose, NestJS, Passport-JWT, and GraphQL.
Nest Event star84 Event handling with decorators for NestJS Framework
Rest Nestjs Postgres star78 CrudJS implemented as a REST API, using Nest.js and Postgres
Schedule star78 Schedule module for Nest framework (node.js) ⏰
Ot Rtos star62 OpenThread RTOS, an integration of OpenThread, LwIP, and FreeRTOS.
Keyring star47 Keyring is an authentication framework for WordPress. It comes with definitions for a variety of HTTP Basic, OAuth1 and OAuth2 web serv ...
Sequelize star45 Sequelize module for Nest framework (node.js) ?
Nest Passport star42 Nest authentication example using passport strategies