Androiddevtools star6763 ...
Camerakit Android star4748 Library for Android Camera 1 and 2 APIs. Massively increase stability and reliability of photo and video capture on all Android devices ...
Hp Socket star3209 High Performance TCP/UDP/HTTP Communication Component
Relinker star2100 A robust native library loader for Android.
Sol2 star2084 Sol3 (sol2 v3.0) - a C++ Lua API wrapper with advanced features and top notch performance - is here, and it's great! Documentation:
Bugsnag Android star950 Bugsnag crash monitoring and reporting tool for Android apps
Aesjniencrypt star765 Make the most secure code in Android. (ndk实现AES,key在native中,防止被二次打包){长期维护,请star,勿fork}
Uikit Cross Platform star292 Cross-platform Swift implementation of UIKit, mostly for Android
Livestream star288 一个实现直播的解决方案,视频采用H264编码、音频采用ACC编码、传输采用Rtmp协议
Jnioor star265 基于C++模板函数与Fluent API设计的JNI反射库,极大的简化JNI反射调用,提高JNI开发效率与稳定性
Jni.hpp star243 A modern, type-safe, header-only, C++14 wrapper for JNI
Jni4android star232 JNI Generater for Android
Ndk_opengles_3_0 star215 Android OpenGL ES 3.0 开发极简教程
Appaddupdate star190 Android app 增量更新
Keepalive star182 Fighting against force-stop kill process on Android with binder ioctl / Android高级保活
Mwengine star168 Audio engine and DSP for Android, written in C++ providing low latency performance in a musical context, supporting both OpenSL and AAu ...
Android Disassembler star167 Disassemble ANY files including .so (NDK, JNI), Windows PE(EXE, DLL, SYS, etc), linux binaries, libraries, and any other files such as ...
Jpegkit Android star148 Efficient JPEG operations for Android without the risk of an OutOfMemoryException.
Hidex Hack star143 anti reverse by hack dex file
Androidsecurity star137 Android安全实践
Stunning Signature star118 Native Signature Verification For Android (with example)
Androidtrainingdemo star113 android training demo
Crashsdk star101 catch crash on Android(arm/x86)
Ffmpeg Android Maker star96 Contains a script that assembles FFmpeg library for Android
Ndcrash star82 A powerful crash reporting library for Android NDK. Don't forget to run git submodule update --init --recursive after checking out.
Androiddevwithcpp star80 Android Develop With C++
Cargo Ndk star69 Compile Rust projects against the Android NDK without hassle
Android Luajit Launcher star68 Android NativeActivity based launcher for LuaJIT, implementing the main loop within Lua land via FFI
Androidlearn star66 Android Custom Views
Anti Debug star64 Android detect debugger
Bugsnag Android Ndk star41 DEPRECATED - this project now lives at bugsnag/bugsnag-android
Anyndk star24 ? Android native library, make your development faster and easier. Android各种native库,让你的开发更快更简单
Android Demo star7 Hipacc demo project for Renderscript and Filterscript