Cakephp star8156 CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository
Blade star5304 ? Lightning fast and elegant mvc framework for Java8
Actframework star650 An easy to use Java MVC server stack
Aah star589 A secure, flexible, rapid Go web framework
Saturn star464 Opinionated, web development framework for F# which implements the server-side, functional MVC pattern
Php Mvc star395 A simple PHP model-view-controller framework, built step-by-step as part of the "Write PHP like a pro: build an MVC framework from scra ...
Adonis App star365 Application structure for new adonis app, think of it as scaffolding a new project
Koseven star304 Koseven a Kohana fork compatible with PHP7
Generator Webappstarter star295 Quick start a web app for mobile.Automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size without any extra work.
React Imvc star179 An Isomorphic MVC Framework
Kemalyst star176 A rails like framework based on kemal
Slim Born star168 Slim Framework 3 skeleton application has authentication MVC construction.
Loon star130 ☁️ Spring like framework build with Typescript
Miniphp star126 A small, simple PHP MVC framework skeleton that encapsulates a lot of features surrounded with powerful security layers.
Nodefony star93 Nodefony Starter Node.js Framework Symfony Like
Kantphp2 star75 KantPHP Framework V2
Doodle star72 A Simple Java MVC Framework。提供Bean容器、Ioc、Aop、MVC功能
Mario star65 ? 如何设计一个Java MVC框架源码
Fortjs star40 Component based MVC web framework for nodejs targeting good code structures & modularity.
Nim Basolato star30 A fullstack web framework for Nim based on Jester
Famework star8 Famework is a simple to use PHP Framwork to easily create splendid but lightweight web applications.