Echo star17282 High performance, minimalist Go web framework
Slim star10635 Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs.
Jodd star3321 Jodd! Lightweight. Java. Zero dependencies. Use what you like. Thank you!
Awesome Minimalist star3076 A curated list of awesome minimalist frameworks (simple and lightweight).
Armeria star2556 Asynchronous RPC/REST library built on top of Java 8, Netty, HTTP/2, Thrift and gRPC
Nutz star2259 Nutz -- Web Framework(Mvc/Ioc/Aop/Dao/Json) for ALL Java developer
Laravel Zero star2240 A PHP framework for console artisans
Flight star2218 An extensible micro-framework for PHP
Cuba star1364 Rum based microframework for web development.
Giraffe star1351 A native functional ASP.NET Core web framework for F# developers.
Mini star1277 Just an extremely simple naked PHP application, useful for small projects and quick prototypes. Some might call it a micro framework :)
Jooby star1140 The modular web framework for Java and Kotlin
Siler star949 ⚡️ Flat-files and plain-old PHP functions rockin'on as a set of general purpose high-level abstractions.
Then star866 ? Tame async code with battle-tested promises
Path.swift star782 Delightful, robust, cross-platform and chainable file-pathing functions.
Silly star748 Silly CLI micro-framework based on Symfony Console
Integrant star743 Micro-framework for data-driven architecture
Klein star739 werkzeug + twisted.web
Atreugo star502 High performance and extensible micro web framework. Zero memory allocations in hot paths.
Ws star347 ☁️ Elegantly connect to a JSON api. (Alamofire + Promises + JSON Parsing)
Arrow star333 ? Parse JSON with style
Fff star330 A testing micro framework for creating function test doubles
Picoweb star318 Really minimal web application framework for the Pycopy project (minimalist Python implementation) and its "uasyncio" async framework
Bumblebee star298 .net core fast http and websocket gateway components
Hexagon star268 Hexagon is a microservices toolkit written in Kotlin. Its purpose is to ease the building of services (Web applications, APIs or queue ...
Symlex star242 A lean framework stack for agile Web development based on Symfony and Vuetify
Mu star227 A tweet-sized PHP micro-router
Version star210 semver (Semantic Version) Swift µFramework.
Mini3 star209 Just an extremely simple naked PHP application, useful for small projects and quick prototypes.
Micro Graphql star145 GraphQL Microservice
Legibleerror star143 Beating `Error.localizedDescription` at its own game.
Tf star133 ✔️ tf is a microframework for parameterized testing of functions and HTTP in Go.
Meshki star127 Meshki: A Black-Colored, Responsive Boilerplate for UI Development
Dom I18n star124 Provides a very basic HTML multilingual support using JavaScript
Flowbase star102 A Flow-based Programming inspired micro-framework / un-framework for Go (Golang)
Unity Animator Helpers star76 A micro-framework for changing Unity 3D's Animator parameters with ScriptableObject(s). Designed to make going from custom scripts to A ...
Yarf star56 Yet Another REST Framework
Nanohttp star47 A very micro HTTP framework.
Gimlet star23 A micro web application framework for OpenResty written in Moonscript inspired by Martini & Sinatra.
Mcp Panthor star11 A thin PHP microframework built on Slim and Symfony