Meteor Files star997 ? Upload files via DDP or HTTP to ☄️ Meteor server FS, AWS, GridFS, DropBox or Google Drive. Fast, secure and robust.
Vue Meteor star876 ? Vue first-class integration in Meteor
Mongol Meteor Explore Minimongo Devtools star844 In-App MongoDB Editor for Meteor (Meteor DevTools)
Meteor Collection Helpers star506 ⚙️ Meteor package that allows you to define helpers on your collections
Blaze star459 ? Meteor Blaze is a powerful library for creating live-updating user interfaces
Meteor Easy Search star435 Easy-to-use search for Meteor with Blaze Components
Meteor Blaze Components star359 Reusable components for Blaze
Meteor Google Maps star198 ? Meteor package for the Google Maps Javascript API v3
Meteor Peerdb star127 Reactive database layer with references, generators, triggers, migrations, etc.
Meteor Reactive Publish star121 Reactive publish endpoints
Meteor Transactions star113 App level transactions for Meteor + Mongo
Meteor Comments Ui star78 Simple templates for comment functionality in your Meteor App
Ostrio Neo4jdriver star55 Most advanced and efficient Neo4j REST API Driver, with support of https and GrapheneDB
Autocms star34 AutoCms is a simple solution for your Meteor.js app
Loggedin Mixin star20 A simple logged-in and roles check minxin to use with mdg:validated-method package
Ostrio Analytics star9 ? Visitor's analytics tracking code for service