Meteor star41770 Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform star26986 The ultimate Free Open Source Solution for team communications.
Wekan star16246 The open-source kanban (built with Meteor). Keep variable/table/field names camelCase. For translations, only add Pull Request changes ...
Vulcan star7874 ? A toolkit to quickly build apps with React, GraphQL & Meteor
Mist star7284 [DEPRECATED] Mist. Browse and use Ðapps on the Ethereum network.
Mui star4347 Lightweight CSS framework
Nosqlclient star3142 Cross-platform and self hosted, easy to use, intuitive mongodb management tool - Formerly Mongoclient
Angular Meteor star2385 Angular and Meteor - The perfect stack
Awesome Opensource Apps star1648 ?ℹ️ Curated list of awesome open source crafted web & mobile applications - Learn, Fork, Contribute & Most Importantly Enjoy!
Meteor Up star1229 Production Quality Meteor Deployment to Anywhere
Uniforms star1088 A React library for building forms from any schema.
Meteor Files star997 ? Upload files via DDP or HTTP to ☄️ Meteor server FS, AWS, GridFS, DropBox or Google Drive. Fast, secure and robust.
Vue Meteor star876 ? Vue first-class integration in Meteor
Meteor Boilerplate star848 A lightweight boilerplate for meteor projects
Mongol Meteor Explore Minimongo Devtools star844 In-App MongoDB Editor for Meteor (Meteor DevTools)
Demeteorizer star718 Converts a Meteor app into a standard Node.js application.
Nlg Eval star669 Evaluation code for various unsupervised automated metrics for Natural Language Generation.
Base star659 A starting point for Meteor apps.
Meteor Collection Hooks star635 Meteor Collection Hooks
Meteor Astronomy star600 Model layer for Meteor
Db star566 GroundDB is a thin layer providing Meteor offline database and methods
Pup star556 The Ultimate Boilerplate for Products.
Meteor Collection Helpers star506 ⚙️ Meteor package that allows you to define helpers on your collections
Wireflow star490 Wireflow - user flow chart real-time collaborative tool -
Blaze star459 ? Meteor Blaze is a powerful library for creating live-updating user interfaces
Meteor Easy Search star435 Easy-to-use search for Meteor with Blaze Components
Dtube star427 ? DTube App
Meteor Blaze Components star359 Reusable components for Blaze
Meteor Now star340 Instantly deploy your Meteor apps with `meteor-now`
Meteor Webix star339 Meteor.js - Webix UI integration
Redis Oplog star319 Redis Oplog implementation to fully replace MongoDB Oplog in Meteor
Meteor Jade star315 The Jade template engine for Meteor/Blaze
Drmongo star285 MongoDB admin app built on MeteorJs.
Workbase Server star282 Slack alternative, email integrated, build with Meteor
Meteor Launchpad star276 A base Docker image for Meteor applications.
Glipchat star272 video chatroom using meteor + webrtc + react + redux
Meteor Security star270 A Meteor package: Logical MongoDB security
Android Ddp star268 [UNMAINTAINED] Meteor's Distributed Data Protocol (DDP) for clients on Android
Helpq star249 ? an extensible real-time queue application, for mentorship @ hackathons and classrooms
Acgn Stock star239 PTT ACGN股票交易市場
Simple React Form star223 The simplest way to handle forms in React
Ews Javascript Api star218 EWS API for TypeScript/JavaScript - ported from OfficeDev/ews-managed-api - node, cordova, meteor, Ionic, Electron, Outlook Add-Ins
Analytics star212 UNMAINTAINED! - Complete Google Analytics, Mixpanel, KISSmetrics (and more) integration for Meteor
Meteor Google Maps star198 ? Meteor package for the Google Maps Javascript API v3
Accounts Ui star198 Accounts UI for React in Meteor 1.3+
Meteor Client Bundler star184
Stevejobs star179 A simple jobs queue that just works (for Meteor.js)
Scotty star161 Meteor React Redux boilerplate with Server-Side Rendering
Ddp Apollo star151 DDP link for Apollo with GraphQL Subscriptions support
Meteor Apollo Accounts star141 Meteor accounts in GraphQL
Mantra Cli star140 Command line interface for building Meteor apps with Mantra
Openki star133 We moved to GitLab ? Openki is a tool to build up and organize local communities – Open education for real.
Minimongoexplorer star130 Handy Google Chrome extension for reviewing MiniMongo.
Wekan Mongodb star130 Docker: Wekan MongoDB
Meteor Peerdb star127 Reactive database layer with references, generators, triggers, migrations, etc.
Meteor Reactive Publish star121 Reactive publish endpoints
Meteor Service Worker star121 An universal service worker for meteor apps
Meteor Transactions star113 App level transactions for Meteor + Mongo
Meteor Webpack star113
Kepler star112 The open source full-stack geosocial network platform
Eslint Plugin Meteor star111 ? Meteor specific linting rules for ESLint
Simpleddp star109 An easy to use DDP client library
Meteor Integration star107 ? meteor add apollo
4minitz star103 4Minitz - Simply a decent free webapp for taking collaborative meeting minutes. (Keywords: Meeting Protocols, Action Items, Open Source ...
Meteor Jalik Ufs star102 Upload File System for Meteor
Instagram Clone star99 Web/Android/iOS app to share photos on Google Maps in < 300 lines of code. Features REST API, shake to undo, OAuth login etc.
Quick Survey star98 A tool for quick surveys, try it out. (No longer maintained).
Bukanmessenger star97 BukanMessenger is an Open Source Messenger App build on top ReactNative & MeteorJS
Meteor Apollo Starter Kit star92 Meteor, Apollo, React, PWA, Styled-Components boilerplate
Meteor Yelp Clone star90 Cloning Fullstack React's Yelp Clone in Meteor (in progress)
Meteor Leaflet star88 Leaflet.js for Meteor.js
Workflow star88 审批王,华炎魔方内置BPM工作流引擎,低代码快速开发平台。
Apollo star87 Meteor & Apollo integration
Meteor Svelte star81 Build cybernetically enhanced web apps with Meteor and Svelte.
Big Dipper star80 A block explorer for Cosmos
Meteor Comments Ui star78 Simple templates for comment functionality in your Meteor App
Meteor Iron Router Ga star77 Google analytics for Iron Router star69
Meteor Skeleton star57 A simple boilerplate for creating Meteor applications with Blaze and SASS
Blaze Apollo star56 Blaze integration for the Apollo Client
Ostrio Neo4jdriver star55 Most advanced and efficient Neo4j REST API Driver, with support of https and GrapheneDB
Homemirror star51 Web based home mirror, inspired by Hannah Mitt's project.
Future Web star38 Starter kit to create PWA with cutting edge technologies
Autocms star34 AutoCms is a simple solution for your Meteor.js app
Meteor Google Cloud star31 Automate Meteor deployments on Google Cloud App Engine Flexible
Meteor Mantra React Redux Kickstarter star30 Basic structure for mantra architecture with flow router, react and redux
Create React Meteor App star28 Meteor + React for fast prototyping ??
Kickstart Meteor Polymer star15 ⚡️ Kickstart a Meteor - Polymer project with MWC packages. (Flow Router is used to route)
Rate Limit star14 Meteor package to rate-limit a function by queuing up calls (instead of dropping them like throttle or debounce)
Sapporo star10 Web App for hosting coding competition
Retrotanks star9 RetroTanks: Atari Combat Reimagined, built in Meteor.js. Great isomorphic JavaScript example.
Meteor Google Charts star9 Simple package for Google Charts on Meteor
Ostrio Analytics star9 ? Visitor's analytics tracking code for service