Mypersimmon star402 基于Laravel 5.4 的开发的博客系统,代号:myPersimmon
Employee Mgmt Laravel5.4 Adminlte star136 The project is using laravel 5.4 and adminlte
Any star123 Any-基于Laravel5.5新的权限管理后台骨架
Laravel Api Boilerplate star113 A Boilerplate Project For Laravel API's (NOT MAINTAINED)
Laravel Email Verification star63 Laravel package to handle user verification using an activation mail
Backup star62 Database backup package for laravel 5.*
Larabook Social Network In Laravel 5.4 star58 Social Network website with Laravel-5.4 and VueJs
Laravel Multiauth star57 Simple Multiple auth system using guards
Laravel Vue star45 This application is test and implemented by Laravel 5.4 and Vue.js 2.
Laravel Settings star45 Simple Settings package for a laravel application