Generator Jhipster star16162 JHipster is a development platform to quickly generate, develop, & deploy modern web applications & microservice architectures.
Jhipster Sample App star1156 This is a sample application created with JHipster
Great Big Example Application star848 A full-stack example app built with JHipster, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Angular 4, ngrx, and Webpack
Jhipster Registry star579 JHipster Registry, based on Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka and Spring Cloud Config
Jhipster star351 JHipster BOM and server-side library
Jdl Studio star324 JDL Studio is an online JHipster Domain Language visual editor
Jhipster Core star314 JHipster Domain Language, used by JHipster UML and JDL-Studio to generate entities
Jhipster.github.io star301 Public website for JHipster - generates https://www.jhipster.tech
Jhipster Vuejs star276 A Vue.js blueprint for JHipster. It will use Vue.js as the frontend library!
Jhipster Kotlin star265 Kotlin based JHipster
21 Points star227 ❤️ 21-Points Health is an app you can use to monitor your health.
Jhipster Devbox star197 JHipster virtualized development box
Ignite Jhipster star183 A React Native boilerplate for JHipster apps
Jhipster4 Demo star180 Blog demo app with JHipster 4
Generator Jhipster React star159 DEPRECATED: feature moved to main generator
Jhipster Sample App React star150 This is a sample application created with JHipster, using React
Idea Live Templates star147 My IntelliJ Live Templates
Generator Jhipster Ionic star132 Ionic for JHipster ?
Ng Jhipster star109 JHipster Angular library
Java Microservices Examples star106 Java Microservices: Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, JHipster, Spring Cloud Config, and Spring Cloud Gateway
Jhipster Sample App Ng2 star95 DEPRECATED now that Angular 2+ is the default - This is a sample application created with JHipster, using Angular 2
Sql To Jdl star92 Tool to translate SQL databases to JDL format of jHipster (Created due to existing databases to be generated with jHipster and build an ...
Jhipster6 Demo star91 JHipster 6 Demo! ?
Jhipster Microservices Example star90 JHipster Microservices Example using Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Angular, Docker, and Kubernetes
Jhipster Ide star87 An IDE for the JHipster Domain Language
Generator Jhipster Entity Audit star86 JHipster module to enable entity audit and audit log page
Jhipster5 Demo star79 Get Started with JHipster 5 Tutorial and Example
Okta Blog Archive star74 Okta Developer Blog
React Jhipster star62 JHipster React library
Jhipster Dotnetcore star57 JHipster.NET blueprint
Klask Io star42 klask.io is an open source search engine for source code, live demo