Jfoenix star4807 JavaFX Material Design Library
Tornadofx star2986 Lightweight JavaFX Framework for Kotlin
Hmcl star2124 A Minecraft Launcher which is multi-functional, cross-platform and popular
Jitwatch star2059 Log analyser / visualiser for Java HotSpot JIT compiler. Inspect inlining decisions, hot methods, bytecode, and assembly. View results ...
Awesomejavafx star1968 A curated list of awesome JavaFX libraries, books, frameworks, etc...
Deeplearning4j Examples star1962 Deeplearning4j Examples (DL4J, DL4J Spark, DataVec)
Speedment star1828 Speedment is a Stream ORM Java Toolkit and Runtime
Jabref star1706 Graphical Java application for managing BibTeX and biblatex (.bib) databases
Binding.scala star1487 Reactive data-binding for Scala
Tools Ocr star1414 树洞 OCR 文字识别(一款跨平台的 OCR 小工具)
Fxgl star1399 Java / JavaFX / Kotlin Game Library (Engine)
Asciidocfx star1298 Asciidoc Editor and Toolchain written with JavaFX 14 (Build PDF, Epub, Mobi and HTML books, documents and slides)
Dex star1197 Dex : The Data Explorer -- A data visualization tool written in Java/Groovy/JavaFX capable of powerful ETL and publishing web visualiza ...
Pdfsam star1061 PDFsam, a desktop application to extract pages, split, merge, mix and rotate PDF files
Openjdk Jfx star1025 The openjfx repo has moved to:
Recaf star895 A modern Java bytecode editor
Xjavafxtool star812 基于JavaFx搭建的实用小工具集合,方便开发过程中的代码编写与调试,想学习javaFx的同学可以参考参考 ...
Richtextfx star791 Rich-text area for JavaFX
Tilesfx star772 A JavaFX library containing tiles that can be used for dashboards.
Everest star769 A beautiful, cross-platform REST client.
Javafx Maven Plugin star712 Maven plugin for JavaFX
Testfx star645 Simple and clean testing for JavaFX.
Controlsfx star610 Custom controls for JavaFX
Img2latex Mathpix star594 An image to LaTeX tool by MathpixOCR API and JavaFX
Jfx star528
Jfreechart star518 A 2D chart library for Java applications (JavaFX, Swing or server-side).
Scalafx star516 ScalaFX simplifies creation of JavaFX-based user interfaces in Scala.
Cljfx star469 Declarative, functional and extensible wrapper of JavaFX inspired by better parts of react and re-frame
Rxjavafx star454 RxJava bindings for JavaFX
Medusa star452 A JavaFX library for Gauges
Javafx Gradle Plugin star410 Gradle plugin for JavaFX
Phoenicis star391 Phoenicis PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac 5 repository
Qupath star378 QuPath - Open Source Digital Pathology
Codeguide star376 ...
Xr3player star360 ? ? Advanced JavaFX Media Player
Preferencesfx star354 A framework for easily creating a UI for application settings / preferences.
Fn Fx star353 A Functional API around JavaFX / OpenJFX.
Library Assistant star338 Modern Library Management Software using JavaFX
Im star316 仿QQ即时通讯系统服务端
Springboot Javafx Support star315 SpringBoot / JavaFX8 Integration
Friceengine star311 ? JVM game engine based on Swing/JavaFX.
Formsfx star297 A framework for easily creating forms for a JavaFX UI.
Oim Fx star290 OIM是采用 Java平台开发的一套即时通讯聊天系统,献给对即时通讯有兴趣的朋友。服务端实现了TCP Socket ...
Latexdraw star288 A vector drawing editor for LaTeX (Java Swing/JavaFX).
Samples star267 JavaFX samples to run with different options and build tools
Blobsaver star259 A cross-platform GUI app for saving SHSH blobs using tsschecker
Scenebuilder star253 Scene Builder is a visual, drag n drop, layout tool for designing JavaFX application user interfaces.
Fxyz star235 A JavaFX 3D Visualization and Component Library
Storagesystem star231 ?️ Personal Stock Control System
Gmapsfx star208 Java API for using Google Maps within a JavaFX application.
Vworkflows star207 Flow Visualization Library for JavaFX and VRL-Studio
Ui4j star194 Web Automation for Java
Hotsuploader star191 JavaFX-based Replay Uploader for Heroes of the Storm
Vocabhunter star184 VocabHunter helps learners of foreign languages find vital new vocabulary to study.
Jetuml star180 A desktop application for fast UML diagramming.
Animatefx star180 A library of +70 ready-to-use animations for JavaFX
Rxkotlinfx star162 Kotlin extensions to the RxJavaFX framework
Terminalfx star160 Java FX Terminal Emulator
Javafx Gradle Plugin star154 Gradle plugin that makes it easy to work with JavaFX 11+
Dashboardfx star153 JavaFx Dashboard
Javafx star144 JavaFX projects, mostly samples and examples
Everywhere star143 ? A tool can really search everywhere for you.
Jfx Browser star140 JFx Browser is a multi tab browser. In its first version HTML to PDF, Downloading , History, Bookmarks and Account creation facility a ...
Fxgraphics2d star139 A JavaFX library that allows Java2D code (Graphics2D) to be used to draw to a Canvas node.
Fxdesktopsearch star138 A JavaFX based desktop search application.
Javafxsmartgraph star131 Generic (Java FX) Graph Visualization Library
Wechat star129 仿QQ即时通讯系统客户端
Javafx Maven Plugin star127 Maven plugin to run JavaFX 11+ applications
Customstage star126 A JavaFX UI framework to create fully customized undecorated windows
Fakeimagedetection star125 Fake Image Detection Using Machine Learning
Terasologylauncher star123 Terasology Launcher is the official launcher for the open source game Terasology.
Heapstats star120 JVMTI agent and JavaFX analyzer to gather JVM runtime information for after-the-fact analysis.
Jcsg star116 Java implementation of BSP based CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry)
Pchwrm_server star111 PC Hardware Resource Monitor for Raspberry Pi
Spring Javafx Examples star106 Example apps for springboot-javafx-support. See
Dev Tools star105 Common development tools in one app
Substrate star104 Create native Java(FX) apps for desktop, mobile and embedded
Logfx star103 LogFX is a simple Log reader supporting color highlighting and able to handle giant files.
Coco star102 The fastest crypto online
Jgnash star101 jGnash Personal Finance
Flowless star100 Efficient VirtualFlow for JavaFX
Naivechat star99 ...
Musicott star96 JavaFX application that manages and plays music files.
Gitpic star94 利用github做图床的小工具
Downlords Faf Client star92 Official client for Forged Alliance Forever
Pchwrm_client star92 PC Hardware Resource Monitor For Raspberry Pi
School Management System Javafx star88 A sample JavaFX management system GUI
Develnext star85 JavaFX and IDE for JPHP (only russian localization, english - in progress)
Lipi star83 A simple static blog generator.
Binjr star82 A Time Series Data Browser
Easyfxml star79 A collection of tools and libraries for easier development on the JavaFX platform!
Proscalafx star77 Pro JavaFX2 book source codes translated to ScalaFX
Jrebirth star74 JRebirth is a JavaFX Application Framework
Cssfx star70 Allow runtime modification of JavaFX CSS
Dolphin Platform star69 This repository contains all java related sources of the Dolphin Platform.
Mediaplayerfx star62 A simple media player in JavaFX
Fx Experience star59 fx-experience -> fx onscreen keyboard
Gamecomposer star58 GameComposer is a game authoring tool and also a game runtime environment targeting at desktop and mobile devices.
Sample Spring Boot Javafx star57 Рыба Spring Boot + JavaFX
Fx Guice star56 Google Guice integration for FXML-based JavaFX applications