Tomcat star4504 Apache Tomcat
Javaee7 Samples star2432 Java EE 7 Samples
Nutz star2259 Nutz -- Web Framework(Mvc/Ioc/Aop/Dao/Json) for ALL Java developer
Jeeplatform star1186 一款企业信息化开发基础平台,拟集成OA(办公自动化)、CMS(内容管理系统)等企业系统的通用业务功能 J ...
Examination_system star863 一个简单的教务查询系统(主要技术SpringMVC + Spring + Mybatis + Shiro + Bootstrap)
Glassfish star699 The Open Source Java EE Reference Implementation
Microservices star571 Java EE and Microservices
Guns Lite star448 基于spring boot脚手架项目,spring data jpa+Spring Boot2+bootstrap完整的后台管理系统
Spring Tutorial star353 ? Spring Framework 教程
Jeddict star350 Jakarta EE 8 (Java EE) & MicroProfile 3.2 application generator and modeler
Superboot star334 随着技术日新月异,新技术新平台不断出现,对现如今的开发人员来说选择快速高效的框架进行项目开 ...
Nutzmore star307 让Nutz更好用
Docklands star303 Minimalistic Java EE / Jakarta EE / MicroProfile Related Dockerfiles
Javaee8 Samples star302 Java EE 8 Samples
Cloud Native Starter star287 Cloud Native Starter for Java/Jakarta EE based Microservices on Kubernetes and Istio
Efo star286 ...
Easyee star266 ...
Kumuluzee star258 Lightweight open-source framework for developing microservices using standard Java EE technologies and migrating Java EE to cloud-nativ ...
Nutz Book Project star227 做个平台
Docker Images star223 Docker Images
Defterp star205 deftERP - Jakarta EE (Java EE 7 : JSF, JPA, EJB, CDI, Bean Validation)
Core star194 Forge Core Framework APIs and Implementation
Visualee star166 A maven plugin to visualize java ee projects
Deltaspike star126 Mirror of Apache Deltaspike
Tomcat Maven Plugin star117 Mirror of Apache Tomcat Maven plugin
Security Soteria star115 Java EE Security (JSR-375) Reference Implementation
Tomcat80 star110 Mirror of Apache Tomcat 8.0.x
Windup star106 Windup - Application Migration and Assessment Tool
Angular2andjavaee star75 This project should provide a starting point for people interested in using Angular 9 with Ivy in a Java EE environment.
Jsonp star70 Java API for JSON Processing (JSON-P)
Dolphin Platform star69 This repository contains all java related sources of the Dolphin Platform.
Javaee8 Playground star69 Test project for playing with Java EE 8 APIs. Includes early releases for the specifications that will be part of the Java EE 8 Platfo ...
Wildfly Camel star65 WildFly Camel Subsystem
Elemeimitate star61 基于安卓的网上订餐系统项目,仿饿了么APP,通过Volley框架进行网络数据交互,前端使用Android的Fragment ...
Hrrs star54 Record, transform, and replay HTTP requests in Java EE and Spring applications.
Javaee Docker star47 Effective Docker and Kubernetes for Java EE Developers
Openwebbeans star44 Apache OpenWebBeans
Kumuluzee Samples star40 KumuluzEE samples demonstrate how to get started using KumuluzEE microservice framework. They provide small, specific, working samples ...
Java Blogs star39 Blogs about Java
Online Library System star39 基于MVC设计模式的在线图书馆管理系统
Javaee7 Petclinic star30 Java EE 7 Petclinic star29 Java Server Faces (JSF) Tutorials
Security Api star24 Java EE Security (JSR-375) API