Joi star14871 The most powerful data validation library for JS
Hapi star12400 The Simple, Secure Framework Developers Trust
Apollo Server star9636 ? GraphQL server for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa and more
Grant star2722 OAuth Proxy
Permit star1538 An unopinionated authentication library for building Node.js APIs.
Aqua star1390 ? A website and user system starter
Rest Hapi star1023 ? A RESTful API generator for Node.js
Node Rate Limiter Flexible star992 Node.js rate limit requests by key with atomic increments in single process or distributed environment.
Frame star738 ? A user system API starter
Vudash star324 Powerful, Flexible, Open Source dashboards for anything
Takeoff star270 A rapid development environment using docker for convenience.
Inert star235 Static file and directory handlers for hapi.js
Hapi React Views star229 ? A hapi view engine for React components
Hapi Universal Redux star215 DEPRECATED: Create an universal React and Redux app in less than 5 minutes!
Appy star194 ? A full stack boilerplate web app
Hapijs.com star185 The hapijs.com website
Hapi Openapi star185 Build design-driven apis with OpenAPI (formerly swagger) 2.0 and hapi.
H2o2 star156 Proxy handler for hapi.js
Hapi Api star145 Lean hapi API Boilerplate with an opinionated view on project structure
Electrode Csrf Jwt star128 Stateless Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection with JWT
Buttercms Js star118 Node/JS API client for ButterCMS (https://buttercms.com)
Node Frameworks Benchmark star115 Simple HTTP benchmark for different nodejs frameworks using wrk
Aither star110 An example microservice system in Node.js using Hemera and best of today.
Promster star106 ⏰A Prometheus exporter for Hapi, express and Marble.js servers to automatically measure request timings ?
Stocazzo star104 Stocazzo As A Service
Cls Rtracer star101 Request Tracer - CLS-based request id generation for Express, Fastify, Koa and Hapi, batteries included
Srihash.org star98 SRI Hash Generator
Hapi Rbac star97 RBAC (Rule Based Access Control) for hapijs
Hapi Starter Kit star96 Hapi.js based REST boilerplate which uses latest ES7/ES8 features (async/await) with code coverage and follows best pratices
Generator Hapi Style star95 ? Yeoman generator for scaffolding hapi apps and plugins
Testing Hapi star89 Hapi style guide compliant boilerplate (updated to v17!)
Appy Backend star86 A user system to bootstrap your app.
Ratify star73 A Hapi plugin for validating the schema of path, query, request body, and response body params using JSON-schema
Jolly star69 Production ready boilerplate for hapi.js
Typescript Hapi React Hot Loader Example star45 Simple TypeScript React Hot Loading example with Hapi Server-side rendering
Hapi Nuxt star44 Nuxt.js plugin for Hapi.js
Hapi React Hot Loader Example star44 Simple React Hot Loading example with Hapi Server-side rendering
Hapi Plugin Websocket star43 HAPI plugin for seamless WebSocket integration
Hapi Node Postgres star32 ? Wrap hapi requests with a pg connection
Hapi Boom Decorators star29 Decorates a Hapi server's response toolkit with functions to make it easy to reply with Boom errors
Hapi Auth Keycloak star26 JSON Web Token based Authentication powered by Keycloak
Openlok star15 ? React.js app to access the Deutsche Bahn API (German Railway Corporation)
Typescript Seed star12 Typescript Seed Project (Angular, Hapi, Cookie Auth, TypeORM, Postgres)
Plugo star5 Dynamically expose modules to hapi plugins