List All Programming Telegram Group star501 List of All Programming Telegram Group
Core Nestjs star311 A simple application demonstrating the basic usage of permissions with NestJS (JWT, Passport, Facebook, Google+, User, Group, Permissio ...
Jschema star257 A simple, easy to use data modeling framework for JavaScript
Tms star182 免费开源团队协作沟通(类似slack、bearychat)& 博文wiki(类似confluence)& 国际化翻译管理的web管理系统.
Kafka Minion star161 Kafka minion is a prometheus exporter for Apache Kafka (v0.11.0.2+), created to reliably expose consumer group lags along with useful K ...
Simplerecyclerview star129 Android RecyclerView 简化使用: 下拉刷新, 加载更多, 加载中/空数据/错误页面, 固定Header, 分割线, 点击监听, ...
Publicleech star114 can be found on Telegram as
Unix Permissions star102 Swiss Army knife for Unix permissions
Staggeredanimationgroup star86 A ConstraintLayout group that allows for simple staggered animations.
Aws Securitygroup Grapher star86 This ansible role gets information from an AWS VPC and generate a graphical representation of security groups
Grouprecyclerviewadapter star40 可增删改查、可动画展开收起、可吸附悬浮动态可配置的分组列表
Llmlistview star27 super list view for uwp