Go Micro star13062 A distributed systems development framework
Go Plugins star1317 Community maintained plugins for Go Micro
Examples star1057 Learn Micro by examples
Mtbsystem star406 使用go-micro微服务实现的在线电影院订票系统
Micro star340 go-micro 微服务实践,更多请关注Micro中国站☞
Microservices star262 micro 微服务实例教程,包含JWT鉴权、熔断、监控、链路追踪、健康检查、跨域等
Protoc Gen Micro star250 Protobuf code generation for Micro services
Go Os star185 Deprecated
Go Grpc star133 A simpler grpc framework
Cinema star119 使用 go-micro 微服务框架开发的电影院订票系统
Micro Starter Kit star113 Cloud Native GoLang Microservices - gRPC, GraphQL
Go Shopping star95 A sample suite of services built on the go-micro framework
Paysuper Billing Server star69 A core monolith-like service with all payment processing business logic in PaySuper.
S star61 a go web freamwork for micro service, very very easy to create and deploy, with auto service registry and discover, high performance an ...
Paysuper Management Api star41 The REST API server for the merchant`s dashboard.