Magictools star7166 ? ? A list of Game Development resources to make magic happen.
Hacker Roadmap star3580 ? Your beginner pen-testing start guide. A guide for amateur pen testers and a collection of hacking tools, resources and references to ...
Awesome Leading And Managing star2992 Awesome List of resources on leading people and being a manager. Geared toward tech, but potentially useful to anyone.
Web Skills star2133 A visual overview of useful skills to learn as a web developer
Now Examples star1954 Old examples of ZEIT Now projects you can deploy yourself
Qframework star1545 Your first K.I.S.S Unity 3D Framework.
Delving Deep Into Gans star813 Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) resources sorted by citations
Displayjs star581 A simple JavaScript framework for building ambitious UIs ?
Microfeatures Guidelines star316 ?? uFeatures guidelines
Swiftscripting star226 A list of Swift scripting tools, frameworks & examples
Dry System star174 Organize your code into reusable components
Awesome Twig star63 A curated list of amazingly awesome Twig extensions, snippets and tutorials
Vue Essentials star48 Github Repo for my Vue.js Essential Training course on LinkedIn learning.
Omg Counters star44 ? Increment decrement counters using various frontend frameworks.
Bootstrap star14 Repository for my tutorial course: Bootstrap 3 Essential Training on LinkedIn Learning and