Router5 star1511 Flexible and powerful universal routing solution
Backup Manager star1482 Database backup manager for dumping to and restoring databases from S3, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, and Rackspace Cloud
No Framework Tutorial star1280 A small tutorial to show how to create a PHP application without a framework.
Phonon star415 Phonon is a responsive front-end framework with a focus on simplicity and flexibility
Snackbar star205 A tiny browser library for showing a brief message at the bottom of the screen (1kB gzipped).
Flydrive star181 ☁️ Flexible and Fluent framework-agnostic driver based system to manage storage in Node.js
Supra Api Nodejs star138 ❤️ Node.js REST API boilerplate
Cakebox star124 Framework agnostic virtual PHP Development Environment
Core star106 UI-Router Core: Framework agnostic, State-based routing for JavaScript Single Page Apps