Connexion star3146 Swagger/OpenAPI First framework for Python on top of Flask with automatic endpoint validation & OAuth2 support
Flasgger star2094 Easy OpenAPI specs and Swagger UI for your Flask API
Flask Ask star1823 Alexa Skills Kit for Python
Dynaconf star1060 The dynamic configurator for your Python Project ?
Flask Cors star633 Cross Origin Resource Sharing ( CORS ) support for Flask
Flask Apscheduler star619 Adds APScheduler support to Flask
Flask Blogging star577 A Markdown Based Python Blog Engine as a Flask Extension.
Flask Googlemaps star521 Easy way to add GoogleMaps to Flask applications. maintainer: @RiverFount
Potion star477 Flask-Potion is a RESTful API framework for Flask and SQLAlchemy, Peewee or MongoEngine
Flask Excel star196 A flask extension using pyexcel to read, manipulate and write data in different excel formats: csv, ods, xls, xlsx and xlsm.
Flask Jsonrpc star192 A basic JSON-RPC implementation for your Flask-powered sites
Flask_simplelogin star95 Simple Login - Login Extension for Flask - maintainer @cuducos
Flask And Redis star73 Simple as dead support of Redis database for Flask applications
Flask Htmlmin star62 Flask html response minifier
Flask Mobility star59 A Flask extension to simplify building mobile-friendly sites.
Flask Apidoc star51 Adds ApiDoc support to Flask
Flask Json star30 Flask-JSON is a Flask extension providing better JSON support.