Bamboo star1387 Testable, composable, and adapter based Elixir email library for devs that love piping.
Elixirbooks star913 List of Elixir books
Cog star905 Bringing the power of the command line to chat
Drab star819 Remote controlled frontend framework for Phoenix.
Elixir Phoenix Realworld Example App star647 Exemplary real world application built with Elixir + Phoenix
Accent star605 ▴ Open-source, self-hosted, developer-oriented translation tool
Thesis Phoenix star578 A lightweight, bolt-on, intuitive content editing system for Elixir/Phoenix websites. Star this repo and follow along with our progress ...
Constable star452 Better company announcements
Elixir Boilerplate star428 ⚗ The stable base upon which we build our Elixir projects at Mirego.
Awesome Phoenix star425 ? Collection of awesome open-source apps made with Phoenix Framework
Gitgud star370 A Git source code management tool written in Elixir.
Gringotts star353 A complete payment library for Elixir and Phoenix Framework
Alloy_ci star271 Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Delivery coordinator, written in Elixir.
Phoenix_slime star266 Phoenix Template Engine for Slime
Statuspal star160 Statuspal lets you communicate your web apps/services status ?
Short_url star142 ? short url app elixir Phoenix
Veil star133 Simple passwordless authentication for your Phoenix apps
Docker Phoenix star123 A dockerized Phoenix development and runtime environment.
Scrivener_html star102 HTML view helpers for Scrivener
Loki star71 ? Loki is library that includes helpers for building powerful interactive command line applications, tasks, modules.
Firebird star66 Template for Phoenix 1.3 projects
Elixirconf 2018 star58 A collection of links that cover what happened during ElixirConf 2018 ? ?. Please feel free to submit a PR!
Shorten_api_tutorial star55 ?How to make a link shortener using Elixir, Phoenix and Mnesia
Phoenix Ecto Append Only Log Example star48 ? A step-by-step example/tutorial showing how to build a Phoenix (Elixir) App where all data is immutable (append only). Precursor to B ...
Ecto_morph star33 morph your Ecto capabilities into the s t r a t o s p h e r e !