Awesome Django star8527 Repository mirror of GitLab: This repository is not monitored for issues, use original at Gi ...
Awx star7825 AWX Project
Onlinejudge star3166 open source online judge based on Vue, Django and Docker. | 青岛大学开源 Online Judge | QQ群 496710125 | [email protected]
Django Rest Framework Jwt star2966 JSON Web Token Authentication support for Django REST Framework
Django Rest Swagger star2462 Swagger Documentation Generator for Django REST Framework: deprecated
Django Rest Auth star2048 This app makes it extremely easy to build Django powered SPA's (Single Page App) or Mobile apps exposing all registration and authentic ...
Ownphotos star1832 Self hosted alternative to Google Photos
Drf Yasg star1583 Automated generation of real Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 schemas from Django REST Framework code.
Ara star1012 ARA Records Ansible playbooks and makes them easier to understand and troubleshoot. This is the GitHub mirror for ...
Django Rest Pandas star948 ?? Serves up Pandas dataframes via the Django REST Framework for use in client-side (i.e. d3.js) visualizations and offline analysis (e ...
Django Vue Template star891 Django Rest + Vue JS Template
Django Rest Framework Social Oauth2 star810 python-social-auth and oauth2 support for django-rest-framework
Django Rest Framework Json Api star776 JSON API support for Django REST Framework
Django Rest Framework Gis star743 Geographic add-ons for Django REST Framework
Docker Tutorial star705 Docker 基本教學 - 從無到有 Docker-Beginners-Guide 教你用 Docker 建立 Django + PostgreSQL ?
Modern Django star657 Modern Django: A Guide on How to Deploy Django-based Web Applications in 2017
Vuedjangoframeworkshop star648 学习自慕课网-前端Vue结合后端DjangoFramework的在线生鲜超市(前后端分离)【django3.0+xadmin+ueditor 】
Django Rest Framework Filters star634 Better filtering for Django REST Framework
Cmdb star614 CMDB 配置管理系统 资产管理系统
Django Rest Framework Docs star589 Document Web APIs made with Django Rest Framework
Django Rest Framework Tutorial star539 Django-REST-framework 基本教學 - 從無到有 DRF-Beginners-Guide ? star529 Facilitating Open Science
Awesome Django Rest Framework star521 ??Tools, processes and resources you need to create an awesome API with Django REST Framework
Django Rest Framework Mongoengine star503 Mongoengine support for Django Rest Framework
Django React Blog star494 Simple blog built with Django and React/Redux, deployed with Docker, and served with nginx/uwsgi.
Polemarch star473 Simple WEB gui for infrastructure management by ansible playbooks or modules. This is only mirror with bins in releases.
Fcm Django star421 FCM Django: Send push notifications via django to websites, iOS & android mobile devices through FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)
Django Rest Framework Api Guide star403 Django REST framework API 指南
Meethub star396 This is a Python/Django based event management system. A meetup clone.
Awesome Django star367 The Best Django Resource, Awesome Django for mature packages.
Drf Extra Fields star353 Extra Fields for Django Rest Framework
Channels Api star331 RESTful Websocket APIs with Django Rest Framework and Channels
Nsot star314 Network Source of Truth is an open source IPAM and network inventory database
Docker Django Nginx Uwsgi Postgres Tutorial star297 Docker + Django + Nginx + uWSGI + Postgres 基本教學 - 從無到有 ( Docker + Django + Nginx + uWSGI + Postgres Tutorial )
Django Rest Framework Passwordless star293 Passwordless Auth for Django REST Framework
Django Restql star266 Turn your API made with Django REST Framework(DRF) into a GraphQL like API.
Drf Flex Fields star252 Dynamically set fields and expand nested resources in Django REST Framework serializers.
Presentations star252 Collection of presentations for advanced Python topics
Django Url Filter star230 Django URL Filter provides a safe way to filter data via human-friendly URLs.
Django Practice Book star226 《Django企业开发实战》已出版
Django Api Domains star222 A pragmatic styleguide for Django API Projects
Django Hashid Field star210 Django Model Field that uses Hashids to obscure the value
Django Elasticsearch Dsl Drf star208 Integrate Elasticsearch DSL with Django REST framework.
Treeherder star197 A system for managing CI data for Mozilla projects
Rest Api star197 Learn how to build your own REST API with Python, Django, and the Django Rest Framework.
Blogbackendproject star195 Backend code for my blogs, develop with Django Rest framework.
Vecihi star193 Build Your Own Photo Sharing App in 5 minutes
Openciviwiki star180 Building a Better Democracy for the Internet Age
Djangorestframework Api Key star178 ? API key permissions for Django REST Framework
Django Rest Framework Datatables star174 Seamless integration between Django REST framework and Datatables.
Django Enumfield star169 Custom Django field for using enumerations of named constants
Django Rest Registration star165 User-related REST API based on the awesome Django REST Framework
Crud App Vuejs Django star164 This is simple crud app and searchFilter made using vuejs and django. Used to explain the tutorial present on ...
Rengorum star164 ? Forum app built in React, Redux & Django
Django Rest Passwordreset star158 An extension of django rest framework, providing a configurable password reset strategy
Vue People star158 VuePeople lists and connects Vue.JS developers around the world.
Djangorestframework Queryfields star157 Allows clients to control which fields will be sent in the API response
Rest Api Basics star152 This is a basic guide on how to build a REST API with Django & Python. For much deeper depth, check out our new course on REST API: (ht ...
Drf Typed Views star141 Use type annotations to validate/deserialize request parameters in Dango REST Framework.
Django Rest Framework Serializer Extensions star137 Extensions to help DRY up Django Rest Framework serializers
Djangorestframework Stubs star132 PEP-484 stubs for django-rest-framework
Vue Django Rest Auth star125 An example project featuring Vue.js and Django Rest Framework using django-rest-auth
Paperweekly_forum star121 paperweekly's forum
Everbug star115 Django debug tool for browser
Fosswebsite star114 A club management system that handles student details, progress, events, achievements, attendance, status updates, teams and workshop r ...
Crudl Example Django star110 CRUDL with Django, DRF/Graphene and SQLite
Django Trench star110 django-trench provides a set of REST API endpoints to supplement django-rest-framework with multi-factor authentication (MFA, 2FA). It ...
Drf Access Policy star109 Declarative access policies/permissions modeled after AWS' IAM policies.
Bag Of Holding star106 An application to assist in the organization and prioritization of software security activities.
Hydroshare star105 HydroShare is a collaborative website for better access to data and models in the hydrologic sciences.
Djangochannelsrestframework star101 A Rest-framework for websockets using Django channels-v2
Django Auth0 Vue star99 A Django REST Framework + Vue.js CRUD Demo Secured Using Auth0
Wq.db star95 ☁? wq's db library, extending Django REST framework and Mustache with database models to support design patterns common to field data ...
Work At Olist star93 Apply for a job at Olist's Development Team:
Django Rest Framework Api Key star91 An extra layer of authentication for Web APIs made with Django REST Framework
Opentpod star88 Open Toolkit for Painless Object Detection
Drf Autodocs star82 Ultimately automated DRF documentation rendering(UNMAINTAINED)
Iotdashboard star80 Fast Django server for IOT Devices
Django Rest Swagger Docs star80 Beginners approach to Django Rest Swagger
Tweetme 2 star80 Build a twitter-like app in Django, Bootstrap, Javascript, & React.js. Step-by-Step.
Docker Cloud Platform star79 使用Docker构建云平台,Docker云平台系列共三讲,Docker基础、Docker进阶、基于Docker的云平台方案。OpenStack ...
Django Rest Framework Msgpack star76 MessagePack support for Django REST framework
Drf Datatable Example Server Side star74 DataTables Example (server-side) - Python Django REST framework
Drf Cheat Sheet star73 Cheat sheet / quick reference guide for Django REST Framework.
Generator Django Rest star71 Yeoman generator for a Django REST/GraphQL API, an optional React SPA & lots more!
Tutorialdb star69 A search ? engine for programming/dev tutorials, See it in action ?
Indrz star67 Indoor mapping, routing system for orientation and wayfinding or facility management
Grand star63 A framework to objectively evaluate the performance of machine learning algorithms in biomedical imaging
Django Rest React Pycon star63 ? Demo repo for Pycon X talk "Decoupling Django with Django REST (and a sprinkle of React)"
Lpoj star61 An open source online judge system base on Django REST framework and Vue.js !
Dictfier star59 Python library to convert/serialize class instances(Objects) both flat and nested into a dictionary data structure. It's very useful in ...
Train Ai With Django Swagger Jwt star58 Train AI (Keras + Tensorflow) to defend apps with Django REST Framework + Celery + Swagger + JWT - deploys to Kubernetes and OpenShift ...
Thinkdiff star51 My open source project links, programming and software development related code and tutorials are in this repo. Content types: Python, ...
Django Crm star51 A Simple Django CRM (Customer Relationship Management) RESTful API Project
Django Rest Framework Tricks star48 Collection of various tricks for Django REST framework.
The Complete Guide To Drf And Vuejs star43 The Source Code of my 2019 Course "The Complete Guide To Django REST Framework and Vue JS" (Lang: English & Italian)
Django Channels React Multiplayer star36 turn based strategy game using django channels, redux, and react hooks
Postgraduation star31 University management platform dedicated for post-graduation in computer science field using django rest framework.
Ponee star25 A lightweight Django template ready for Heroku