Awesome Django star8527 Repository mirror of GitLab: This repository is not monitored for issues, use original at Gi ...
Spirit star967 Spirit is a modern Python based forum built on top of Django framework
Guides star958 Guides for learning + doing better web and app development. Created by Coding for Entrepreneurs.
Awesome Django Cn star929 Django 优秀资源大全。
Django Ajax star289 Fast and easy AJAX libraries for django applications. Contains ajax decorator, ajax middleware, shortcuts and more.
Cheatsheets.pdf star124 ? Various cheatsheets in PDF
Django Dersleri star119 YouTube Django Dersleri için proje kaynak kodu
Shopping Cart Using Django 2.0 And Python 3.6 star118 This is a shopping cart application created using Django 2.0 and Python 3.6
Django Jinja Knockout star106 Django datatables and widgets, both AJAX and traditional. Display-only ModelForms. ModelForms / inline formsets with AJAX submit and va ...
Django Business Logic star104 Visual DSL framework for django
Channels Obstruction star79 A simple game of Obstruction created to explore Django + Django Channels + ReactJS
Pyarweb star69 El sitio web de Python Argentina
Thinkdiff star51 My open source project links, programming and software development related code and tutorials are in this repo. Content types: Python, ...